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Soluton to metro apps don't work

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    Soluton to metro apps don't work

    After going through all the immediate solutions for the problem:

    Resolution is ok
    User account enabled
    delete ole keys from registry
    update video drivers

    I finally used the option: refresh windows 8

    Note: this discards the installation of a lot of third party software!!
    Had to reinstall Microsoft office and Kapersky Internet security 2013.

    And lo and behold...... apps work!!!

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    windows 8

    I have some apps that wasnot working well or always connecting ..
    I did refresh
    I got a message that says Some files are missing your windows installation or recovery disk may provide these files

    plz help

    the tunein app is always connecting
    the Skype app is auto shutting down b4 the login

    if I chose repair my pc from the installation disk will it help ???
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    Antipolo City
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    Windows 7 - Windows 8

    It has been known from other threads and forums that Avast users would likely get hit with this scenario (and I guess, Kaspersky users, too).

    Update the program (not just the virus definition) and the issue with the Modern apps should go away. Though sometimes, if the developers of the antivirus program is slow to respond, you'll be forced to uninstall the said AV program and reinstall afterwards (or switch to a different AV).
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    Windows 8

    Quote Originally Posted by harry kamp View Post
    ...I finally used the option: refresh windows 8

    That is one very vicious option. On both c: and d: drives it deleted program files and data folders right down to things like Firefox and all my bookmarks, all the OEM programs that came with the pc etc etc.

    I virtually ended up with a drive c: with almost nothing but Windows files on it. I think it needs a much stronger name than 'refresh windows 8'!
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    Windows 8

    Hi. I have a problem that is more or less like yours. Yesterday i installed my McAfee paid account here in my win 8 laptop and the installation gone wrong. Then the apps on start menu never open again. They start and stay in loading menu and never stop. I think that it have something to deal with the firewall or something because i tried to change my account to a Microsoft user account and it says that i have some troubles with the internet saying that it can't connect to microsoft services right now.

    Any ideas?! Help please! =)
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    Windows 8

    I'm not much of an expert of W8 but you don't need a virus program with it as the built-in one is considered as good as AVG, Avast etc. Perhaps uninstalling McAfee might help.
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    Windows 8 enterprise x64

    McAfee still made anti-virus,... Joke aside, remove me this, Defender probably do a better job , McAfee ? last time I use it was in 1998
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    Windows 8 Pro ($39.99 upgrade)

    agreed, windows 8 doesnt really need a third party program, i deleted my free avast anti-virus right off the bat, also got rid of diskeeper and using the built in windows 8 defrag, keep it simple.
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    Win 8 RC

    I have the same issue.

    1. Fresh load on WIN 8 Pro, Metro/Modern apps like News, Mail, Financial, Photos, etc worked for about a day or so, then they won't open. Checked screen resolutoin, UAC, and I am not using any AV outside of Win Defender and Win Firewall.

    2.Reloaded, complete reinstall of Win 8 Pro, same results, apps worked about a day or so then the regular Metro/Modern apps won't open.

    3. Called MS Support and they suggested a WIN 8 Refresh. Did that (it took quite a while) and no change, same apps won't open.

    MS has a problem that seems to be affecting a lot of folks, just not everyone is seems. They make us start with the Metro start page, you would think they would have gotten at least that right for everyone. Anyway, I supposedly will get a call from a level 2 support person tonight, but I am more apt I think to get the solution in Eight Forums someday.
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    Windows 8

    I have had the same problem, almost from the beginning of my clean install of Win 8 Pro.

    The IE icon on the metro start screen opens up the regular IE, not the metro one.

    The other icons produce a splash screen, then back to metro screen, without the app starting up.

    I recall the maps app working at the beginning, but it doesn't now.

    I certainly would not do a refresh to fix it, having to reinstall all my apps. In fact, I don't know if I would have any use for any of the metro apps. Why use phone-type apps on a PC, which has much better capabilities? However, curious to try the metro apps, and cannot.

    I do use Malwarebytes, including the background scanner. Will try disabling that, and see if the metro apps work.

    Also I have startisback installed (newest now, I think 2.1), which boots me right to the desktop, and the start button produces a regular start menu. (One can press Ctrl and Win key to get to the Metro start menu.) I don't know if that interferes with the metro apps in some way,

    I tried SFC /scannow, and that did not help it.


    Edit--I tried disabling Malwarebytes, and that did not solve the problem.

    I forgot to mention, that if I click the Store metro icon I get more than a splash screen. I get a message that I am not connected to the Internet, although I am connected.
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Soluton to metro apps don't work
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