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configure start screen for all users

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    Installing as all users doesn't make a difference to the Metro start screen unfortunately, perhaps if it's a Metro app that has been specifically built with all users code but otherwise no. This is because when a new user logs on for the first time it creates a fresh version of the "appsFolder.itemdata-ms" file somehow. So far the only option I have come up with is to copy the version from the admin account where I customised the start screen over to the default profile, then set the file to be read only. (Preventing the overwrite at first logon)

    Obviously this will stop the user from making changes to the start screen and that's not ideal, but you could script a runonce or something to remove the read only after first logon... It's a real pain in the @#$! i have to say... Microsoft should know better than this....

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    Sorry just popped back to the forum and realized I didn't quite answer a question fully, the location is:

    You can copy the appsFolder.itemdata-ms file to the default profile in the same location and set it to read only....with the obvious limitation of it being read only....

    Below is a link to MS with a great deal of guff on ways to do this properly, all be it more complicated =)

    Have a look under "Copy the AppFolderLayout.Bin file to set default Start screen layout" here:
    How to Customize the Start Screen
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configure start screen for all users
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