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Windows 8 tiles blurry/out of focus

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    Windows 8 tiles blurry/out of focus

    Hello all. I just noticed this issue on my computer a few days ago and it's been bothering me. Some of the icons for the tiles on my Windows 8 are blurry. It's nothing major, but they're not as crisp or high resolution as I remember. It's only noticeable when the live tiles are either turned off, or the tiles aren't displaying any updates at the moment.

    Here's a picture:

    You can see that with Mail, Skydrive, Camera, Maps, Music, and Store, the icons are all a little bit fuzzy and not as high resolution as they should be. This occurs with all other tiles as well when the live function is turned off. Is this intended or not? I know it's minor but it really bothers me.

    Thanks for any help you can give me!
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    Hi, The Visitor. Welcome to EightForums.

    There's been major updates. Did your resolution change by any chance? How about the video driver. Did that update on your machine? Does everything in programs and apps look ok?
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    Thanks for the reply Hippsie Gypsie.

    No, my resolution is still the same native resolution I've been using. Everything in programs and apps looks fine but then again the icons are tiny squares so I don't think I could tell if they were slightly blurry. As for the drivers, I've updated to the latest intel HD display drivers via device manager (the ones on the intel website are an old version for Windows 8 RP) and I've also updated to the latest release nvidia drivers as well.
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    You're quite welcome.

    Has this always been this way, or you just noticed? I'm trying to find out when it could've happened. Perhaps after a change you made or an update. It may not even relate. It could be font. Do they remain blurry if changed to rectangles?
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    That did it! Changing the size of the tiles from square to rectangular or vice versa fixed the issue! Now all of the icons are crisp again. Well, almost all. The camera app doesn't have an option to change the size so it's still blurry. Now it's the only one. Unpinning and repinning it does nothing. Gah, so close . Thanks a bunch for the suggestion though, it fixed all of the other tiles.

    Edit: And for some odd reason Maps has fixed itself too, even though I didn't do anything to it and there's no option to change its size either. I wish I knew how it did it so I could try to do the same thing for the camera app.
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    Here's a pic for reference:

    Btw, I +repped you Hippsie.
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    Never mind, uninstalling and reinstalling did it. Phew, those tiles were bothering me for the longest time. Thanks again!
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    You're quite welcome, The Visitor. Thanks for the rep! -> Most kind of you!

    I'm thinking it may have to do something with the font, the size, or corruption of it. I really don't know, for I'm not all that savvy. The next thing I was going to suggest is a to Run the "SFC /SCANNOW" Command at Boot or within Windows 8 as specified in Brink's tutorial: SFC /SCANNOW Command - Run in Windows 8. If this happens again, try that. I think that would be easier. I find all of Brink's tutorials are a great help!

    I'm glad you got it fixed. See you again on the forums.
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Windows 8 tiles blurry/out of focus
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