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Forum: Are all posts moderated, or can posts be added in real time?

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    Forum: Are all posts moderated, or can posts be added in real time?

    I know I've only just joined, but I added a comment and it was flagged for moderation before it could be posted. I've looked for stickies, but I'm not seeing anything about a review period for new members. Is there a period before which a new member is allowed to contribute?

    //edit: Okay, that seems to have gone through. Is it possibly because the last post before mine was over a month ago (e.g. you don't like people bumping old threads)? I'm concerned because I offered the OP a solution that worked for me.

    //edit 2: I've reposted my reply, and in doing so I believe I discovered why my post was auto-flagged. I was discussing something that, in another context, could be construed as illegal activity. That isn't my intention, but I had mentioned that a way to make the Steam version of Fallout 3 run in Windows 8 was to remove the game's dependency on GFWL (as opposed to just installing GFWL, which, last I checked, exactly 0% of the Internet likes), and used a word that would be considered inflammatory to a community of Windows enthusiasts. The mods probably know what I mean -- I apologize for my poor choice of words and have reposted my reply with my intentions clearer. So, if y'all could, just delete that reply out of the mod queue; approving it would make an unfortunate double post.

    Well that was fun... Nice forum y'all have here!
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    Dark Reality, I see y'all in North Carolina spell the word y'all like us Texans do, not that silly ya'll.
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    First off, sorry for posting in the wrong area. I didn't see "Site stuff".

    Anyway, I'm not originally from NC. But I am a nerd, and "ya'll" isn't a word. It's a broken contraction; the apostrophe isn't replacing anything. With "y'all", the apostrophe replace the "ou" in "you" as in "you all". "Ya'll" is about as legit as "ai'nt" -- there's just no reason for doing it that way. The only explanation I can see for it is a contraction of "ya shall" or "ya will", e.g. "ya'll do it or I'm gonna shoot ya", not addressing a group. Haha... yep, language nerd. Either 2010 or 2011, to throw people off, I adopted British English. Just for the hell of it. I still catch myself using it, muscle memory and all that, and I deliberately use it when conversing with somebody who uses it.
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Forum: Are all posts moderated, or can posts be added in real time?
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