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    Sorry! could not find any place on forum to discuss this problem!

    I don't know how to solve my account issue!

    I have one computer running Win7 & one running Win8.

    I wanted to be able to access my Win8 Forum on my Win8 computer.

    Somehow when I tried to log in on Win8 computer it gave me a new account With the SAME name & Email address, different password. This is not my original account.

    When I try to log into the Win8 compter with my acconut details of my Win7 computer it gives errors as wrong pass word.

    How do I correct this situation?

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    Maybe, its a browser-based problem? What browser were you using when logging in to this forum using Windows 7 and what were you using to log in with Windows 8? And by the way which version of Windows 8 did you have this problem with? Try using another browser and see if this persists.

    As far as I can see from your post now, it says you already have 52 posts on this forum and that means you probably posted this with your original account.
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    I used my Win7 computer to post this thread because this where I have posted in the past.
    I am using Release Preview & Explorer 10.
    How do I remove the unwanted account in Win8?

    By the way, I find this release really fast!
    At first I was opposed to Win8, but I am warming up to it with the Release preview.

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    That's the first step I can think of. Try logging in using another browser such as Chrome on Windows 8..
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    I don't think that is the route I would take.

    But thanx anyway!

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    Hello Tully,

    You might see if deleting your cookies, and checking in your Credentials Manager to removed any saved passwords for the account to start fresh.

    Hope this helps,
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