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Login problem. Password only works from a copy and paste.

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    Login problem. Password only works from a copy and paste.

    This all started with me wanting to add Eight Forums to an Android tablet. Try as I might I can not get my password to work. I've taken it up to four failed attempts and then logged in under Windows to reset things. The same thing happens on Vista Forums.

    What has come as a big surprise is that my password isn't being accepted under Windows either if I type it manually. If I do a copy and paste of it from notepad then I'm straight in every time. I'm really puzzled over this... and I know what some of you are thinking... oh he's just typing it incorrectly... but no, I'm not. Once maybe, twice, maybe if careless... but not time after time after time and a couple of hours later trying to resolve the issue.

    I would never have found this out normally, because under Windows I use a cookie file (import) to reinstate all my favourite sites login details. Curiosity got the better of me with the Android login not working and thats how I found its not working under Windows as a manual login.

    Whats going on ?

    (FWIW, there is another unrelated site doing the same. I maxed out my logins under the Android, got blocked and had to reset my password. Except it didn't work. Back on Windows after clearing ALL login data and the newly set up password wasn't functional. The old one was. So the input from the Android was not accepted for some reason)

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    W10 x64 pro and W8.1 x86

    Update... bizarre but I've tried this twice and it works for both here and the other site.

    I type the password into Google (I'm on the Android device and so needed somewhere to be able to type it) and from there, copy and paste into Eight Forums login box and I'm in instantly. Same worked for the other problem site. Typing the password directly doesn't work... it has to be a copy and paste. Why ?
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Login problem. Password only works from a copy and paste.
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