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Black stripe in forum

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    Black stripe in forum

    I cannot understand why I am getting this in this forum. It is in a random position, but nearly always there when I come on the site.
    Scrolling it down below the window, gets rid of it.
    I have tried several of the different templates. All give the same problem.
    It is obviously connected with graphics, but why only here? Is there something in the code that could cause it?

    Click image for larger version

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    Hey Dave, have a look. Happens in Opera when I hover over a title of a thread.

    Was your cursor on the title? I don't get it in IE9 when I just tried though. A Guy
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    Honestly, I cannot recall getting it in windows 8. and certainly not in Windows 7.
    I am using Windows 8.1 with IE 11. It isn't a big deal, just an irritant.
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    Hey dave, I just tried my IE 11 and I've not seen what you have there. What if any plugins are you using in IE11?
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    No add ons at all, except the office cache. It came again, as soon as I cam on site.

    Thanks, "A Guy", but no, that isn't it.

    P.S A few minutes later. Just as a thought, I tried FF. Even worse, so we can forget about plug ins.

    and even later. I am now using EF default. No black lines - so far!
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    I think there are other problems that others may be encountering within the forum system recently. I don't want to say for sure that it's the system. You may want to look here also: Upload picture in posts
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    Thanks for the words of encouragement! I'll live with it and see what happens. I just hope though, that the Admin don't decide to change to Xen Foro, as other forums appear to be doing. Its OK, but seems to have a lot of teething problems at the moment.
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    You're quite welcome, Dave.

    I just wrote Shawn a heads-up PM on the matter. If it is the system, I'm sure they'll get it fixed soon.
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    A lot of the uploaded image issues are due to them not being attached in the post after being uploaded.

    Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums
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    OK. I solved my particular problem, by getting into the tools - Internet Options - Advanced. Scrolled down to "browsing" and checked "enable visual ..etc"
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Black stripe in forum
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