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    Favorites Bar

    Put your mouse on the item you want gone, right click on it and then scroll down to delete and click it. that should do it Sven
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    Favorites Bar

    right click and delete will not work?
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    windows scanner?

    If the only way to get rid of it is to restart the Computer, I say you have a virus. Sven
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    Solved infection warning

    Here are a few programs that will get you started. Download RogueKiller from one of the following links and save it to your Desktop: Link 1 Link 2 Close all the running programs right click on RogueKiller.exe, click Run as Administrator Pre-scan will start. Let it finish. Click on SCAN...
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    Solved infection warning

    My advice, DON'T download. There are plenty of programs that will check and clean you computer. You posted in the Malware section, some one will assist you in cleaning it
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    Can't recover password of deceased family member

    The rules of this BB say that we can not help you to crack any password or encryption we have no way of knowing if you are the legit owner. Sorry, you will not get help Sven
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    windows live mail

    If you Google Windows live mail, it will show you several sites that have the program and you can download the complete package including live writer and mail and 5 more included in the Package.
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    Windows Defender as primary anti-virus program?

    it is for me, just run Malwarebytes once a week.
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    Solved changing os from windows 10

    Since you are buying brand new hardware, you might run into problems getting drivers, especially for XP. 8.1 drivers might work on the new hardware. The hard drive is the same no matter what OS you install
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    Cleaning a PC used to access illegal material

    If there is indeed illegal stuff on it and you know about it, not going to the police or whatever authority is warranted, would make you an accessory after the fact and as such subject to punishment. Be very carful
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    Solved black mark on laptop screen

    Looks to me like you have a few dead Pixels. If it is under warranty, bring it back and have them fix it Sven
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    TRIM Support for SSD - Check and Enable or Disable

    Thanks Brink I did not format the drive, I just plugged it in and installed windows on it.
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    TRIM Support for SSD - Check and Enable or Disable

    I checked and TRIM is enabled, but there is a second line below that tells me that Refs is not set. What does this mean? Thanks
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    Hard drive locked - cannot find Windows installation

    Yes, I did have an image on an external drive. I had to many drives fail on me not to have one. If you buy a new drive, get a SSD drive. much faster and they tell me much more reliable Sven
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    Hard drive locked - cannot find Windows installation

    hard disk where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock and try again Had the same thing happen to me, also windows 8.1. the drive is toast got a new drive and imaged the drive with a recent image that I had, all is back to normal Sven
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    Conflict with internal DVD/CD player and new internal hard

    I don't have windows 8, but I think the procedure is the same: Go to "disk management" and find your CD/DVD drive and rename it "F" then reattach your Hard drive and go back to disk management and name it "E". then reboot and all should be fine. Good luck Sven
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    Windows 8.1 can't install AMD chipset drivers?

    Pardon me for butting in here, as Itaregid mentioned, there are no new drivers for old hardware. the thing I always do is: install the operating system and then check in device Manager for any yellow exclamation points. if there are none, you good to go. Just my 2 cents Sven
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    bios upgrade failed on Asus laptop Win 8.1

    JimJoe, you can try to re install the original BIOS, if you can find it at Asus. Also, have you tried to do a repair install of windows, that might get it going again. good luck Sven
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    I turned the power off while downloading Windows 8.1

    Re install windows, or try a repair install. that should fix it Sven
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    25 Years: How the Web began

    Hmm, I remember it this way: In ancient Israel, it came to pass that atrader by the name of Abraham Com did take unto himself a healthy young wife bythe name of Dorothy, who went by the name of Dot. And Dot Com was a comelywoman, large of breast, broad of shoulder and long of leg. Indeed, she...