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  1. besweeet

    Windows Media Center Overscan Problem

    When running WMC in the traditional full screen mode, there are no overscan issues: However, when running WMC in windowed full screen mode (via The Maxifier), I get overscan issues: I can switch back to the traditional full screen mode from the windowed full screen mode, and it goes back to...
  2. besweeet

    Solved Remote Desktop - Only port 3389 works, even after changing

    RDP works very well on port 3389, which is forwarded through my router. If the port isn't forwarded, RDP obviously won't work. The second I apply the forwarded port, RDP will see the connection and ask for my login credentials. After changing the port number (from 3389 to something else) in...
  3. besweeet

    WoL - Works after a few minutes, but not hours

    I decided to get Wake-on-LAN reconfigured on my desktop to be able to turn it on whenever I want to, if I just so happen to forget to do so in the morning. I forwarded port 9 on my router, set within the BIOS to wake from a PCIe device, and set my Ethernet adapter in Windows 8 to allow itself...
  4. besweeet

    PPTP VPN Server - Can connect, but that's it

    I created a VPN server in Windows 8.1 via ncpa.cpl (originally via this article). I was able to connect my iPhone and its LTE connection to the VPN (home desktop), and it also has a proper IP address (given the info in VPN properties > Networking > IPv4 Properties). I can even ping the phone...
  5. besweeet

    Elevated Command Prompt window opens and closes instantly

    I just finished [finally] updating my copy of Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1 Pro (manually downloaded the ISO from Microsoft and did an in-place update within the existing copy of W8). After I did all of the available Windows Updates, I noticed that, whenever I try and open an elevated Command...