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  1. burtie

    Solved Windows 8.1 Search

    Windows 8.1 Search slow and buggy (NOW FIXED) EDIT: I've found a solution to the slow and buggy search in Windows 8.1, just go to my last post on this thread :) Just wondering how is everyone getting on with the search in Windows 8.1? I was looking forward to having it search "everywhere" but...
  2. burtie

    Oulook.com There is a problem with this website's security

    My Partner and I are unable to log on to outlook/hotmail web mail. We keep getting the following message: Is this anything I should be worried about or is it just a problem with the web server and I should not worry? Thanks :confused:
  3. burtie

    Accidentally uninstalled Calendar App...

    How can I get it back? Thanks :D:D
  4. burtie

    Move to and copy to on explorer ribbon.

    I am just wondering if there is a way to edit the list of items that appear on the drop down menu of "move to" and "copy to" on the explorer ribbon? Some items seem to appear themselves but I do not know how they got there, how I could remove them and add others? Does windows learn what...
  5. burtie

    System builder DVD and upgrade key?

    Okay...just a quick question. I have a system builder DVD of Windows 8 Pro which I installed on my machine. My partner's laptop has windows 7 Home Premium and I just bought the online upgrade for Windows 8 Pro but after going through the download and checking stage I got an error saying...
  6. burtie

    Skip Metro Suite for Windows 8

    I just stumbled upon this on DeviantART: Skip Metro Suite for Windows 8 by ~hb860 on deviantART See also: http://www.eightforums.com/software-apps/8485-skip-metro-suite.html Skip Metro Suite for Windows 8 allows you to boot directly to Classic Desktop in Windows 8 RTM and Release Preview...
  7. burtie

    Solved Windows 8 messed up file permisions

    Since installing W8 CP when ever I boot back into W7 I can no longer access any of my files on my external HDD (1TB worth of documents) How do I get them back? :cry:
  8. burtie

    Product Key?

    I just downloaded the ISO and burned it to a dvd but when I try to install it asks for a product key? have i missed something in my rush to install?lolz
  9. burtie

    Solved Any Windows 8 pre-order offers?

    When W7 was due for release there was a pre-order offer available for two weeks where you could buy it at a heavily discounted price (£44) Are there any available offers like that available for W8 or have none been announced yet? I
  10. burtie

    Solved Possible to install on separate partition?

    Hi all, Just a quick question...Is it possible to install the windows8 developer on to a separate partition on my hard drive? Does it give you the option when you go to install? I am sure I read somewhere that it doesn't but wanted to make sure before I try anything. Thanks