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    PC slowed down considerably esp. in regular boot mode; safe mode is much better but still slowed a bit

    My browser lags horribly, clicking X to close a video player takes 7-8 seconds to actually close player, right clicking an item in windows explorer takes 4-5 seconds to bring up menu; I don't notice anything in task manager; have run Norton, Avast, Malwarebytes, IOBit malware fighter; nothing...
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    Cursor response freezing and Chrome browser "resolving host" issue

    I use a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse. I got it last Christmas and had no issue until a few days ago. The cursor response freezes for about 10 seconds every couple minutes. Device manager shows no indication of a problem with the mouse. There are no entries for the mouse in Event Viewer. I...
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    PC freezes very frequently - don't see anything suspicious

    My PC freezes very frequently for the past day. I ran Process Explorer but didn't see anything unusual. My CPU is at 98-99% most of the time. I haven't seen anything suspicious in Task Manager. I am running Malwarebytes Free version now. Opening a windows explorer window might take 10 seconds...
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    certain preloaded apps won't - Travel, food & Drink

    Hello. Food & Drink, Travel, and other pre-loaded apps won't run corretly. Maps does though. For example, I click on Food & Drink from the start menu, its screen will appear, after 5 seconds, the start menu screen is shown again; fodd and drink is still open (icon is on taskbar; clicking the...
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    Solved Avira update servie running after "partial" uninstall

    o.k. background of the situation: Mt pc had been very sluggish doing anything (yes everything including for example, taking 15 seconds to delete very small file), I have run sereral AVs - malwarebytes iobit, avg, avira, avast, and sysinternals process utilities. iobit uninstaller was hanging...
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    Solved Google Chrome browser tabs opening with ads

    The situation occurred shortly after installing Avast. A new tab with an ad will open up about a fourth of the time I click on a link within a web page. It doesn't matter what web page is clicked from. Some of the URLs that open are: smartwebads, tradeadexchange, hotchatdate, oclasrv...
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    I have got this message twice while browsing with Google Chrome.
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    Gateway won't boot from CD-drive or flash drive

    I forgot my password to login to Windows. I always use the number keypad password when logging on, but now the only option is the password, which I forgot. IMy Gateway won't boot from the CDdrive or a flassh drive. I have changed the boot order in BIOS, but it goes from the hard drive anyway...
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    Software to analyze NIC pissues

    Is there an offline software package I can use to analyze why I can't don't have online access for my desktop; our laptop access is fine, modem and router are fine device manager doesn't show any red or yellow indicators of problems with any device right-clicking properties for my NIC (within...
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    netsh command unsuccessful

    no net access device, manager shows no yellow or red problem indicators properties of the NIC say working poroperly, original NIC is on motherboard, installed a NIC but no change in status any suggestions (trying to resolve, don't have my Net+ certtification yet, my A+ helps but need to know...
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    Windows couldn't bind the IP protocol stack to the network

    My computer is hardwired to the modem. Another computer in the home uses a wireless connection. A week ago both computers were being used online. Both computers lost internet connections suddenly. Our service provider instructed me to connect the hardwired pc to the router instead of the modem...
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    I'm looking for a screensaver scheduler

    Good morning. I realize that the newer monitors don't suffer from burn-in, but I can't seem to find a screen saver scheduler for windows 8. Does someone know of one? It can be shareware or free. Thanks..
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    Secure deletion program for Windows 8.1;

    I am planning to get a new computer soon and would like to securely overwrite the information from deteted files. I tries using Eraser, but I get a message saying I need to run as administrator, even after I run it as administrator. I think it doesn't work with Windows 8.1. Is there a tool that...
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    Solved microsoft store apps were installed can't see or find them

    I have installed apps from the microsoft /Windows store, I got messages in the upper right of my screen that they were installed, but I haven't been able to find them - no tiles for them. I download the digital nightstand app, but it didn't come up when I did a search of my c drive for...