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    Solved Replicate user info from one user to another

    Hi there. I have been trying to have a different user name. Have tried several methods, like changing user name in users and changing profilepath in the registry. That resulted in a temp user login. I ended up restoring my files. So I created a user with the name I wanted. The problem is that it...
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    Solved User files after switching to Microsoft account

    Hi there. I've got three PCs where I am using a MS account. They all have the same user account name (first few letters of my email). I've got another PC (running Win 8.1) with a local account, which is my regular name. What will happen to it if I switch to a MS account. Will Windows overwrite...
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    Reinstalling and reactivation

    Hi there. I have a Windows 7 pro machine where I am dual booting with Windows 8 pro on a VHD. Windows 8 Pro activated too fast, without my noticing. Now I am considering deleting the VHD and simply upgrading the Windows 7 partition. Will Microsoft cause problems because I am activating again? Or...
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    Solved Upgrading Vista

    Hi there. Still own a Win 8 Pro upgrade disk, which is not being used. I've got a good running Vista PC, and would like to upgrade it with Win 8 Pro (maybe also with the idea of eventually running Win 10). Let's say I activate Win 8 Pro and weeks later, I find out that it isn't performing. Can I...
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    Solved Dualboot bootmenu not graphical

    Hi there. On one of my PCs, I am dualbooting Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. I'd like the bootmenu to be graphical, but it is just text style. Win 8.1 is set as the default OS, and the entry bootmenupolicy is set to 'standard'. It still doesn't work. What am I missing? Thanks for giving me any...
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    Guest account has too many programs

    Hi. I am a bit surprised; today I created a guest account for win 8.1. For some reason it took over all the programs of the main account. Why would a guest account not be more restrictive? When I deleted a couple of the shortcuts, it also deleted them in the main account. Is there no way around...
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    Cannot restore from Partition

    Hi there; trying to restore windows 8.1 from a backup partition. When I insert the repair disk, go to repair/troubleshoot/advanced and select the backup image, it tells me that it needs to backup the entire disk. That is strange. When I created the imagebackup, I had two partitions: C:, with the...
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    Solved Same apps available to users

    Hi. I am setting up a new user in windows 8.1 (also an administrator) and I want to them to have the same apps on the desktop, same Windows theme. Is there an easy way to accomplish this, like copying the Desktop setting from one user to the other? I suppose that will probably leave out some...
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    Solved Login Problem with 8.1 after moving to a MS account

    Hi there. I am getting a login problem for Windows 8.1. Had recently switched from a local to a Microsoft account. Windows startup is taking a long time, then it tells me that my password is wrong. So I enter it, and it logs me in. It seems to think that I am still on my local account password...
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    Solved Microsoft account and Internet

    Hi there. Just double-checking: If I have a Microsoft account on my PC for Windows 8.1, and my Internet happens to be down, can I still use my PC? Scenario 1: if I am logged in already, Scenario 2: if I need to log in. Thanks for your help.
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    XPS Printerno longer functions

    Hi there. Was trying to use the XPS printer this morning, and it no longer works. When I selected it from among the printers, the print button was grayed out. So I uninstalled it, but cannot reinstall it. I know the steps, of selecting a local printer, choosing Microsoft, then xps. At that...
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    Solved Local and Microsoft accounts on same PC

    Is it possible to have two separate users, one local and one Microsoft on the same Windows 8.1 PC? Thanks in advance for your help.
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    Lockscreen Slideshow is set up but does not start

    I know there are a number of posts concerning this, but as much as I follow the directions, there seems to be something missing in the Lockscreen setup in PC Setting. It does show pictures of my picture folder; the slideshow is enabled. There are folders showing underneath the picture. (Also, my...
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    Solved Mail App -Language

    Hi there, sometimes I use the mail app in Windows 8.1, as opposed to my email client. I noticed that when I compose a message in a foreign language, it tends to want to correct words (especially those that are nearly similar), thinking they are not spelled correctly. I do not find any function...
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    Solved Windows 8 does not start with usb hub connected

    Hi there. Don't know in what subcategory to put this question, but I found this strange: When I have a powered usb hub connected, my windows 8 will not start. The same usb hub connected to xp or to windows 7 does not cause problems. But it does in windows 8. So I need to disconnect that hub and...
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    Solved cannot register MSCOMCTL.OCX

    Hi there. Have been trying to install a network printer, Konica-Minolta MC5430DL under Windows 8, 64bit. The setup starts, but asks for a file MSCOMCTL.OCX. After looking up this problem online, I find conflicting reports about it having to be in SYSWOW64. Others say in System32. Either way, the...
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    Solved Remote Desktop control

    Hi! Don't know under which subcategory to post this. Can remote desktop control be achieved without 3rd party programs, just with Windows settings? Trying to connect with possibly 2 PCs running Windows (not at the same time), via the Internet. So I need to connect via the WAN, not with PCs on...
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    Solved Lack of options with mail app in windows 8.1

    Hi there; I am using the mail app in windows 8.1. The problem I have is that when I type a letter in another language, something reprocesses my words, to make them look English. How can I prevent that? I notice there is no option to control the spell checker, if indeed this is one. Now when I...
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    Solved Lock Screen stays the same.

    Hi there. Recently upgraded to Windows 8.1. I have been experimenting with changing the Lock Screen. I know how to change it manually. The point is, I put the setting to 'Play slide show'. I even told the system to use a picture folder. Maybe I am misunderstanding. I was expecting the lock...
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    Local account vs MS Account

    DOn't know if this is the right category to post this in. I have been using a local account all along for Windows 8. But I noticed there are limitations as far as apps in store. My question is: If I switch to a MS account, what does Microsoft do with my information? For instance it seems that...