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  1. J

    Where can I find the latest Win 8.1 updates

    For some reason, whenever I try downloading and installing updates within win 8.1 it just fails. Is there a way to find the ones I need and install them manually?
  2. J

    Can't find video controller driver

    I've installed Win 8.1 32-bit on an older Dell Latitude D630. I works fine but needs the video controller. Can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can get it? The info for it is below. tHANKS. ven_8086dev_2a03subsys_01f91028&rev_0c Service Tag:hb4cfi
  3. J

    Icon size in file manager?

    I've never understood why newer versions of Windows gives you the option to select different icon sizes in the file manager but defaults to a list or details. I see there's a fix now for Win 10, is there one for Win 8.1?
  4. J

    Can't get DVD burner to work

    I'm using Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit. My dvd burner was working fine and still plays fine, just can't burn. Keep getting the following error which is caused by the drive trying to read the disk rather than burning it. Tried the online fix of setting the process prioity, which is a pain to use and didn't...
  5. J

    Some Win 8.1 Pro questions

    Recently upgraded to Win 8.1 Pro from Win XP SP1. Why are there like 3 download folders in this newer distro. There's one in "C:\Users\Admin1\Desktop\Downloads". Another one in the Documents and Settings folder which I can't even access and another one with a blue down arrow. And how do you set...
  6. J

    Monitor flicker

    Installed Win 8.1 Pro on an old Dell Optiplex 755 Core2Duo. I wanted to use an older Viewsonic Pro 25" CRT monitor but notice a slight flicker and it reboots sometimes. It defaulted to 75Hz where my old Dell 4600 running Win XP ran at 60Hz and never fickered. Is there a fix for this?
  7. J

    Looking for a Win 8.1 mobile manual

    Have a tablet with Win 8.1 mobile installed. Can figure out certain things like how to get out of full screen and such. Is there a manual for this version of Windows? Thanks.
  8. J

    Forum for Windows 10

    Is there going to be one of these forums for Windows 10? The forum setup by MS isn't very good.
  9. J

    Win 8.1 Pro keeps telling me I need .NET Framework 4.5

    Everytime I bootup Windows 8.1, I get an error window telling me that one of my appz needs .NET Framework 4.5 in order to work properly. When I try installing it, I get the following message: "1. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 is already a part of this operating system. You do not need to install...
  10. J

    How do you setup a dialup connection in Win 8.1 Pro

    Anyone know how to set up a dialup or DUN connection in Windows 8.1? Thanks.
  11. J

    Looking for some memory stick drivers

    I have an HP Pavilion F755US laptop that I installed Win 8.1 Pro on. Everything is working well except I have some yellow question marks by 2 Base System Devices and one Coprocessor. Haven't been able to find the drivers for them. Anyone got a good source. Thanks. Base System...
  12. J

    How do I get back the WinXP and Win7 Menu bar

    I really don't care for this graphical drop down menu bar in Win8.1. Is it possible to get the old menu bar back? Thanks.
  13. J

    Solved How do I get rid of watermark

    I'm running Win 8.1 Pro and I have this annoying watermark in the lower right corner that says "Windows 8.1 Pro". I tried the "My_WCP watermark editor", but that didn't work. Anyone have another solutions? Thanks.
  14. J

    Where can I find an updated MS Basic Adapter driver

    According to a driver update program, I have an old installed MS Basic Adapter driver and need v. Been looking on Google and Bing, but can't seem to find this exact one. Anyone know where I can download it? Thanks.
  15. J

    Looking for some video drivers

    I installed Win 8.1 Pro on a Win 7 machine and only have a couple of yellow exclamation marks next to Display and Video Controller. Display shows "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter", so I guess there's no Win 8 driver. Where's a good place to find the correct Win 7 ATI drivers if I use the ven and...
  16. J

    Can Win 8.1 be downloaded as a standalone update

    All I seem to see with Win 8.1 is a full install with a 2x or 3X GB install. Is there just a standalone update that can be downloaded and added to an already existing Win 8 install? Thanks.
  17. J

    Few questions about Win 8.1 update

    Anyone know how big this new 8.1 update is and can it be downloaded as an iso? Also, does it contain any driver updates. I installed Win 8 on a Vista machine and it runs well, except for an annoying blank flicker that occurs when I open and close programs. Tried both a Vista and Win7 video...
  18. J

    Has anyone tried Win 8.1 Preview

    When Win 8 first came out, I had driver and bug issues on my Win 7 machine. Does anyone know if this v8.1 Preview distro is any better? Thanks.