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    Unexpected high memory usage

    Hello guys, I’ve been running linux for a couple of days but then I managed to use Windows again since I needed it for my work. Unfortunately I’m getting a little trouble for the memory management. I updated Windows and Kasperksy database when I got a free times, but then I realized that my RAM...
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    Is it possible to change or replace laptop processor

    Hello guys, I am wondering if It possible for me to change my laptop processor. Anyway there is several model of Lenovo G400 that used different processor as you can see here (Lenovo G400 Laptop | Entry-Level Laptop from Lenovo | Lenovo UAE, and mine have Intel Celeron 1005M. Is it possible to...
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    Solved How can I use Dolby Audio with USB Headphones

    Hello guys, I have been searching around about this but they always end up with a headphones that has built-in Dolby Audio. I just bought a USB Headphones and when I use it, the Dolby software always disabled. If I plug in a headset/earphone base on 3.5mm jack the software work again. Does Dolby...
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    Solved How to remove boot menu entry in Boot Manager

    Hello guys, I have dual booting Windows with Ubuntu, when I made something wrong to both of them, I had to reinstall both of them but then there are 2 Ubuntu boot option left in Boot Manager, the one with capitalized word is actually not working (it’s boot into Windows instead of Grub). So my...
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    Leaving a notebook while it is charging for a long time

    Hello everyone! I got a question about leaving a notebook while it is charging. I have a software on my notebook called Lenovo Energy Management, and there's 2 battery mode available, the one is "Maximum Battery Life" and the other is "Optimized Battery Health" so I choose "Optimized Battery...
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    Solved Wrong BIOS setting laptop wont turn on

    Hey guys I have a problem with my laptop especially the BIOS, I set up a wrong setting in the BIOS and now the laptop just turn on and then turn off immediately with a black screen, I only able to hear the fan in a second then turn off again.. I would like to know how can I revert back the BIOS...
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    Solved How do I change my BIOS into UEFI

    Hi EightForum! I have some question on how to change my BIOS into UEFI. I tried to flash a UEFI BIOS file attached on Acer website but it wont start flashing. The latest version of UEFI installer is not responding when I want to flash it, the older version said I need to have the same type of...
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    TouchPad unresponsive

    Hi guys I have a problem with my TouchPad sometimes its become unresponsive like when I want to open a file but I can't do it because the pointer go away from the file, I though it was the driver fault so I take a look at Acer website for synaptics touchpad driver for Windows 8.1 and I got it...
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    Solved Apps Update

    Why my downloaded apps gone when I try to update it to the latest version but the connection lost then it fails updating the apps and the apps itself gone from my Start Menu. How can I bring it back to my computer? can I just reupdate it to make it back? Thanks in advance
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    Solved Windows Explorer always crashing

    Hi guys, Can anyone give me a solution why Windows Explorer always crashing everytime I want to launch it? Last time I do before it happen is scanning the whole system with Avast! Anti-virus, On 60% of file scanned, I want to copy something and then I don't know why the Explorer won't open and...
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    Solved Recommendation Games for my Notebook

    Hi guys can you recommend me a games that's playable on my Notebook? Especially an action games ;) Thanks in advance..
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    Solved Forgot Homegroup Password

    Hi I've connected on my school wifi network and sharing my document through Homegroup but now it always ask me for password before I can join the homegroup, I try to change the password but there's no option to change it
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    Upgrading from 32-bit to 64-bit

    Hi guys I want to know can I upgrade my notebook Aspire E1-421 to 64-bit? I have Windows 8 32-bit installed on my notebook and I just want to try the 64-bit of Windows 8. Is it possible to do? Thanks in advance ;)