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    portable chrome or firefox not listed as default programs

    In Win7 the following method works perfect and chrome is listed as one of the default programs. In win8 it is not listed, but the assosiation of filetypes worked. I also can choose chrome (in my case Google__Chrome__Portable) where one can set the so called "computer standards". So I think...
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    open multiple internet shortcuts in chrome from explorer

    I would like that if I select multiple .url files in (windows file) explorer and right click "open", that chrome opens all those internet shortcuts (.url file with web page adress .html in it) . It would be great if I could do it with drag&drop as well. Right now only one url is opened. I...
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    inhibt windows explorer from closing when SD card removed

    no matter what I configure in Autoplay ... - whenever I say "safely remove mass storage" (in my case it's a SD Card) the explorer window is closed - it only stays open when I select another drive before "safe removal" - it also stays open when I just pull the SD Card (unsafe remove) the drive...