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    Solved Oldy needs help

    I have just had Windows 8.1 rammed down my throat, can some body tell me in kindegarten language, how to find my address book in my email page?
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    How to pretty it up

    OK I have Windows 8, and am using Windows Live Mail which I down loaded from day one. Question:: How do I put an avatar and signature on bottom of my e-mail so it is always there automatically? I have never done this before, but noticed some people do have it.
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    Old Brain needs young info

    OK don't laugh, I am a 74 year old with a reasonable grip on this electronic age,,,,,,, I think! Now my brand new Windows 8 (3 weeks old), has a enormous amount of Mah-jong games on it, and my wife would like to have all that on her Windows 7 laptop. SO:: A. We are both online, can I...
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    Windows 8.1 Yes or No

    My new Windows 8 computer (3 Weeks old), keeps asking me to upgrade to 8.1 for free, and I have a question. What are the advantages or improvements that you get with Windows 8.1 over my current 8? After looking at some of the comments below I am thinking maybe stay where I am.
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    What am I doing wrong

    On my old Windows 7 when I opened a folder in My Documents with heap of photos, I could open the first photo then just hit the arrow keys left or right to progress through the pics. Now in Windows 8, I open a photo and push the right arrow key and nothing happens. WHY?
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    current Windows 8 slower than old Windows 7

    I am not sure, but will ask the question anyway:: Am I right in assuming that my current Windows 8 with 4 GB ram, is actually slower than my old Windows 7 with 4 GB ram.???? It sure seems like it, or maybe my 74 year old brain needs an Oil and Filter change.
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    Another dumb question, sorry.

    My new Windows 8 is an ASUS Desktop which came with a Wireless (Cordless) keyboard and a Wireless mouse. All works good but. It doesn't seem to have an indication light on the Keyboard to indicate Uppercase. Anybody got a clue as to what I need to do as I keep hitting caps lock and don't look...
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    Should or should I not?

    As I have said previously I am new to Windows 8, now I am getting messages saying download 8.1 for free. Question:: What is the difference? would it help me? mine is a household computer for fun, sending e-mails, checking news and weather and hammering the daylights out of Spider Solataire.
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    how do I get rid of the password sign in

    My computer is a private household toy so, how do I get rid of the password sign in thing and just turn it on and start using it as I was doing with my previous windows 7?
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    A new kid on the block.

    I am trying to add an Avatar but keep getting told "Invalid File", even though I have reduced it to 44 KB. How do I find out what is invalid so I can fix it?
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    Solved The first of many times

    OK, I am brand new in here and will probably wear the site out by the time I am finished. After many years with Windows 7 ( A piece of cake to use) I have made the big move to windows 8 and am going around in circles. The first question is: A. Somehow I managed to unpin the desktop flag on the...