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    Seeking expert advice - guidance on applying Symbolic Link

    Hi, Hope somebody can point me in the right direction here. I have successfully relocated my C:\Users folder (but NOT ProgramData) to D:\Users (Kari's excellent tutorial) on clean install and by creating test user profiles verified access to Metro Apps and Store Sign In/Download/Install. I...
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    Win 7 Pro - Win 8 Pro - Offers only "Keep Nothing Option"

    Hi, I have come up against an issue when attempting an in-place upgrade install from Windows 7 Pro X64 to Windows 8 Pro X64. Following Shawn's excellent tutorial I was expecting to see the three standard data save options at step 8 and was shocked to see that ONLY "Keep Nothing" was available...
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    Windows Store will not allow Sign In from Local Account

    Hi, Hope somebody can advise me on this issue :) I have Windows 8 installed on a local account and wish to sign in from my Microsoft Account but only as & when required not all of the time. Shawn's tutorial "How to Sign in with a Different Microsoft Account to the Store in Windows 8" covers...
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    Customized User Profile Issue - Metro Apps not working

    Hi everyone, would sure welcome some assistance in troubleshooting this issue...... Installed 64 Bit Windows 8 Pro as a clean install having previously been using Windows 7 (user profiles customized to my liking as per tutorial guidance on SevenForums and detailed below). My setup is as...