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  1. DualBoot

    computer freezes then recovers without crashes or error messages/logs

    In my experience when random events like that happen its been either a bad driver or a failing drive.. the easiest way to check is to clone your drive to a known good drive and run that for a while, if all is ok then you know the drive is the issue, may just need reformatting to get rid of the...
  2. DualBoot

    Sudden Slow Boot

    oh boy this is old, have you resolved the issue? try HDTUNE to see your harddrive speed and check for errors.. lets see if its hardware issue or software, has windows done any updates at that time?
  3. DualBoot

    C drive filling up

    You can change where your program files install, but its better to just resize your partition to make your work drive larger. But ALWAYS back up your important data and files first onto a DIFFERENT PHYSICAL drive in case of disaster... Many years ago I used to tweak my windows 2000 to put my...
  4. DualBoot

    Battery Power

    I kinda remember somewhere either in the bios or windows to allow the USB to remain powered up even when the system is off. try disconnecting all USB devices overnight and see if you still get 94% in the morning Also there are battery monitors that read each cell and shows you if any of the...