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  1. xxxdannyxxx

    Solved Stop restore points been deleted

    Is there a way to stop Windows 8 DP's restore points been deleted and system protection been reset when I load Windows 7 in a dual boot scenario. Every time I boot back to 8 they have all gone and I can only seem to point a finger at Windows 7. Does the xp dual boot trick of removing the drive...
  2. xxxdannyxxx

    Solved MSE and java7 advice

    Hello Guys I've just had this pop up on my Windows 8 setup. Looks like a FP but would like a second opinion from those that know please. Thanks Danny
  3. xxxdannyxxx

    Email notification on lock screen

    Hi Guys I've seen some screenshots of the lock screen in windows 8 DP with an email notification next to the battery and network icons. Is this feature enabled yet and if so how do we activate it. I've already set my windows live address as my log in but can't find how to activate it. Thanks Danny
  4. xxxdannyxxx

    Solved Pin the desktop Internet explorer to the start menu?

    Anyone know how to pin the desktop Internet explorer to the start menu Danny
  5. xxxdannyxxx

    Solved Windows 8 and IE10

    Hello Guys Is Windows 8 x64 using the 64 bit version if IE10 as default as I can't work out what's running what and what flash player is doing what. I installed flash version which I thought was just for the 32bit version but IE10 from program files and program files(x86) are both...
  6. xxxdannyxxx

    Solved Shutdown/Restart

    How is everyone shutting down or restarting. The only way I see is to log off then shut down from there, am I missing something. I've had to add them to the desktop context menu because I cant find them lol Danny
  7. xxxdannyxxx

    Solved IE10 Windows 8 and Eight Forums

    Hi Guys --- Anyone else getting this - In IE10 with Windows 8 developer preview I can't use the return/enter button on this forum to form paragraphs or miss lines. Works fine on Seven Forums and other sites I've used, just seems to be when trying to post here. I would put my name on a new line...