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    problem starting game Asphalt 8

    on which platform you are playing asphalt 8 mobile or laptop? try to clear the cache of game data, update it if there is any new update.
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    Facebook games and flash player question

    all flash games require adobe flash player, you have to download it from the internet it's freeware, moreover which web browser you are using?? as most of the modern web browser have a pre-installed flash player like google chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
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    NFS Underground 1 not launching

    have you read proper instructions before installing the game in your system, there must be some file corrupted or missing that's why the game is not loading.
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    how do i delete saved data of games after unstalling them?

    after uninstalling the game, clean your temporary folder, press Windows + R key then type %temp%, empty the folder.
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    Gta v

    hp envy m6-aq105dx laptop does not have dedicated graphics card, may be the game will run but too much slow and fps drop, it may crash also, I could say at least try once, lower the game graphics settings.
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    Windows 8.1 stuck

    Does your computer get stuck on starting Windows screen when you tried to turn on a computer? Here are a few steps to fix this issue: 1) start windows 10/8/7 in safe mode. 2) check and fix hard drive errors. 3) repair system with system repair disk (Bootable Disk) 4) Restore the system to the...
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    Screen Recording Software

    There are plenty of screen recorder software but in my opinion "camtasia" is best all in one screen recorder and video editor, you can record your screen, add video effects, transitions and more.
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    Buying laptop, any suggestions?

    first of all what is your budget?and for which purpose you need a laptop? for general use i recommend dell or Hp laptops, if you want some laptop with longer battery timing apple macbook is best.
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    Solved Cannot delete empty folder

    Try to remove the folder using the Command Prompt - open the Downloads folder - hold the Shift key and right-click on an empty space inside the folder - on the Context menu click Open command window here - type the command dir /x /p - the list of files will have two columns the first with...
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    Synaptics Pointing Device keeps freezing

    I have read your question that synaptics pointing device driver keeps freezing. This error came out due to different issues including incompatibility driver, hardware or system issues, different operating system from Windows XP to Windows 10 and different notebooks models as well. There are...
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    System thread exception not handled on windows 8.1 AMD.

    Hi, Elisangyla. You get this error. Its been noticed a lot mostly by the win 8 and 10 users. Just follow the simple step below and system thread exception not handled will be taken care of. You can thank me later for this: Click on Troubleshoot => Advanced options => Command Prompt. A black...
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    Creating bootable image

    Frist here i like to write about Bootable image it is a type of disk image which we usually includes the operating system, utilities and diagnostics, as well as boot and data recovery information It's little bit lenghty process and you follow the above mentioned resources.
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    windows- app download

    Well! If you mentioned which mobile phone you're using then it's easy for me and other to answer your question. As above friend mentiond i also could not find any problem with my smartphone.
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    Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create

    That is very helpful Tutorial for me. It has answers of my all question. Thanks a lot for this good effort.