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    Solved Trying to install Windows 8 on a partition on 3TB HDD

    The hard drive is probably configured as GPT, it needs to be converted to MBR to play nice with your ssd. Didn`t you get a window asking you how you wanted it confoigured when you 1st hooked it up and booted up Windows 7 ? Convert GPT Disk to MBR Disk - Windows 7 Help Forums And don`t put...
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    Solved Best order to install everything on a clean Win8.1 system?

    And if it`s a hard drive, run disk cleanup and defrag it at least 3 times before you create that image.
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    Updating windows 8.0 to 8.1

    Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro - 64-bit - Operating Systems -
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    Unable to view videos on Asus notebook running Windows 8

    he has 8, you have 8.1, no IE11 in 8 and you can`t upgrade to IE11 in 8.
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    Unable to view videos on Asus notebook running Windows 8

    I had the same issue with 8 because it uses IE10. Upgrade to 8.1 Pro :) Solution, install Chrome. Chrome What do you need Office for anyway ? And I seriously doubt it`s free, probably just a trial.
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    start menu apps... are any necessary?

    :shock::shock: You can remove any app you want :shock:
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    Windows...Get me out of here

    My Windows 8.1 Pro flies, must be your Dell install. As suggested if the Classic Shell will help, by all means add it. Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements But once you know how to get around 8.1, you don`t even need that ;) Wireless connection drops, connect it with a...
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    Solved Licence Key Question

    Keep 8.1 installed, it`s better then 8, even if the 8 is Pro ;) Do you even need the 3 extra features ? Compare and decide about Windows 8.1...
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    failed restore from system image, and disk format issues

    Did you have a SR partition and a windows partition ? Did you image both of them ?
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    Solved some questions about upgrading from windows 8.1 to win 10

    Don`t dare wipe out your 8.1 ;) Install it on another drive as you`ve suggested, W10 is nothing to get excited over yet.
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    failed restore from system image, and disk format issues

    We recommend using Macrium Reflect for images or windows built in imaging. I like to use both. Macrium Reflect FREE Edition - Information and download Who knows if EaseUS copied all the necessary partitions when you made the image. If it didn`t and you used that image, that`s why windows...
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    Is it a Bad Idea to Install Win 8 on My Laptop?

    Install Windows 7, Windows 8 is terrible. Even 8.1 is a better choice. But seriously, the only thing I`d put on that is XP or Linux Mint or even Ubuntu. The cpu is just too slow and too little ram for 7 or 8 :(
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    Might be experiencing the Provisioning SSD Problem!

    Yep, that is horrible.
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    Windows 8 Machine Asking for Product Key
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    Might be experiencing the Provisioning SSD Problem!

    There`s no place left for it to write, so it`s searching. Get the data off the drive. Did you look up the specs of this drive ?
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    sleeping WD green drives

    They could well be bad drives, I had 2 WD in the box that went to sleep. I could actually hear a hiss and then they would power down, I didn`t like that. The other 2 I have in there never sleep, I use a program called Hard Disk Sentinel to have them run at maximum performance, but they are...
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    Solved How can I keep all my Software updated?

    Be careful what you wish for, sometimes updating software tends to invite trouble, adware etc. when I have a piece of software that works perfectly, I tend to leave it alone and turn off the automatic updater.
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    Solved How to turn Recycle Bin confirmation *off*

    Do you also have it set to delete immediately ? On every drive ?
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    Sleep, hibernate or shut down?

    If you use it all day let it go to sleep, when you`re done for the day, shut it off.
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    Solved Reinstalling Windows 8.1?

    Always store data you don`t want to loose on another partition if possible ;)