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  1. valtonray

    Will apps make or break windows 8?

    Look at the world around you. Smart phones and their applications are changing the way most people expect to be able to access information. Even the elderly who are usually reluctant to adopt newer technology mediums are commonly seen using smart phones. I really believe that once 8 is released...
  2. valtonray

    Windows 8 House Party

    would be nice. I hosted one of the house parties for windows 7 and received a free copy of ultimate, some reusable shopping bags with one of the default wallpapers, a deck of cards and a few other items. So yeah I would do it again.
  3. valtonray

    Beautifying Metro

    there has been a way to have this for a long time. stop using Windows 8 and go back to 7. Problem solved. If you have no use for the new features you have no need to upgrade new the newest iteration of a software.
  4. valtonray

    Beautifying Metro

    agreed the mail app doesn't seem to be fully compatible with gmail, the people app has poor facebook integration to the point where I can't even make a status update. The calender doesn't seem to work with well anything but itself. In the time it takes most metro apps to load I can be on the...
  5. valtonray

    Xbox360 Wireless controller. USB Microsoft adapter.

    Had the same issue with my 360 controller got it working with drivers found online. My PS3 controller worker no problem though oddly enough.
  6. valtonray

    Fun thread - Tell us a great software!

    I like Splashtop Streamer to be installed on all of my computers so that I can access them from my android phone.
  7. valtonray

    $999.99 app, what the heck?

    Developers will still be able to release software through other avenues, but like it or not today's smart phones are changing the way people expect to be able to use computers, the Apple App Store and Android Play (Market) have made on demand software purchases from the device expected. The...
  8. valtonray

    $999.99 app, what the heck?

    Not shocking at all. There are a lot of professional level softwares available that cost $1000+ it just allows for a wider range of product and quality in the market.
  9. valtonray

    Custom Photo Icons for Metro

    The Photo tile can be changed easily. just open it, find the photo you want right click on in and select the option to make it the tile cover. this is the only app it is possible for though
  10. valtonray

    Solved People Hub: How to post on Facebook?

    as far as I can tell tell it's not possible yet
  11. valtonray

    20 Tips and Tricks to get the most out of Windows 8

    Maximum PC | The Big Guide: 20 Tips and Tricks to Get The Most Out of Windows 8
  12. valtonray

    Custom Photo Icons for Metro

    I didn't think there would be this early in the game but I do agree something like this has got to be coming.
  13. valtonray

    Custom Photo Icons for Metro

    I would love to be able to use custom photos for launcher tiles. I'm inspired by some of the great screen shots I've seen for Launcher7 for android devices. Does anyone know if it is possible to use something like the icons found here Browsing Customization on deviantART over the tiles?
  14. valtonray

    Visual Styles

    I would imagine they would work to a degree, but be somewhat buggy. however it shouldn't be long before windows 8 visual styles start to appear
  15. valtonray

    For all who want to tweak the Start Screen of the Consumer Preview

    Just the kind of thing I have been looking for. I have been wanting to replace my tiles with photos of my choice.
  16. valtonray

    Moving pointer to left corner not working.

    Have you tried to re calibrate your monitor? You may have your desktop slightly expanded past what will fit on your screen
  17. valtonray

    Search function not listed among apps

    I found this also by luck or accident, either way I don't think I've seen this clearly stated anywhere and most people haven't seemed to notice it yet.
  18. valtonray

    Netflix not working

    The first thing I did after initial boot was install Chrome, IE has never really been that great.
  19. valtonray

    This will be Microsofts biggest ever flop, far bigger than Vista.

    Just a tip that I haven't noticed getting much attention. if you want a particular program to launch from the start menu just begin typing out it's name. This of course is much faster than scrolling through a long list of programs in previous versions, or tiles in 8.
  20. valtonray

    Solved Customization in start menu

    Give it time, the windows themers will be on this and a program will likely be ready within a month.