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    Can i upgrade to Win 10 pro from my Win8.1 home?

    I doubt it will let you as your activation code in win 8.1 is for home
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    Is there a program which will detect and install drivers?

    driveragent is better than DriverMax. DriverMax just crashes here when I try to install anything it downloads.
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    Messed with my computer's codecs, probs with IE

    try a reset of IE's settings
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    Windows 8.1 Users Planning to Switch to Windows 7 Due to..

    everything was fine n dandy here after the update
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    Windows 8.1 update leaks to the web, direct from Redmond

    glad to help. install here for the last few days and no problems so far, so looking good
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    Windows 8.1 update leaks to the web, direct from Redmond

    hey there strange I get nothing at all from them just the download page, I didn't even have to register to get the download. maybe your browser not blocking adds, im using IE11 with adblock plus its not my server I found the links online. if its against forum rules please delete. was just...
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    Windows 8.1 update leaks to the web, direct from Redmond

    64 bit and 32 bit here also if you want to try it, my pc updated ok with the 64bit version from here Filename: Win8.1-Update1-x64.exe File Size: 778MB!QtJn2TKL!CzcWaB9-llaqYAPq-qYKSWWquo4ddKZJoDgqga2nmMw Filename: Win8.1-Update1-x86.exe File Size: 365MB...
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    windows defender update fail

    the past week or so I have had a problem with updates for windows defender in win 8.1 failing to work. is it from any of the last updates on patch Tuesday? or another problem. I can get the update from a windows site and install it from that but not from defender its self or windows update thanks
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    Windows 8.1 RTM Released to MSDN & Technet

    the only update so far was today, it was a flash player update
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    What to do and not to do on SSD drives in Windows.

    from that site "So how long is long? To help users estimate how long an SSD will last, SSD vendors such as OCZ have come up with formula: a drive's life span equals its capacity multiplied by its write endurance rating, divided by the average daily writes. For example, the 120GB Vertex 3 SSD has...
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    Install 64 bit Software on 32 bit Windows. Please Help.

    install win 7 or 8 64bit is the only option 32 bit windows should have died years ago. I have been using 64bit for 6 years and haven't had a problem
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    USB2 device performs faster if connected to USB3 port !!

    its because usb 3 lets the usb 2 drive run at its max when in a usb 2 socket the drive never gets to the theoretical topspeed of usb 2
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    Window Media Player and Videos

    cant read whats on the pic lol
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    Upgraded to Windows 8, insane RAM cache.

    I have 3.5gb cache on my laptop
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    IE flaw allows attackers, advertisers to track cursor...

    if its true which I doubt and also the word "could" not "will" is in the article if its been around since ie6 im sure we would have been attacked by now don't you just scare mongering
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    Are SSDs the new RAM for boosting system performance?

    not true on the heat part of you're post, they in fact run hotter and there always on so don't run cooler if not used like spinners do. as I write this my ssd is at 30c and my 500gb hdd is 25c you will never get the same performance out of an hdd that you will get out of an ssd and that is...
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    Windows Defender not appear in Notification Area in Win8

    its running in the background don't worry about it.
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    Do you plan to use third-party antivirus and firewall?

    I have win 8 firewall running and the hardware firewall in my router I don't see the need to add anything else