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  1. kcmike

    What % do you use the desktop vs. modern UI?

    90% Desktop. If I have a choice between a Metro app or Desktop app, I use the Desktop version because it usually has more features. I do have live tiles for news, sports, weather, calendar, Twitter...etc. I like the notifications. Kind of like a giant smart phone.
  2. kcmike

    The Mystery of the disappearing TrueCrypt

    I've been using TC for years. I've never tried anything else. How secure is Bitlocker?
  3. kcmike

    Solved How to change Windows 8.1 Metro UI colour

    That is why you have to be on the start screen and not on your desktop when you go to settings.
  4. kcmike

    Solved How to change Windows 8.1 Metro UI colour

    First go to your start screen. Open charms bar - settings - personalize.
  5. kcmike

    Weather app

    I did some more googling and found that 3rd party Anti-virus/malware software can cause issues with live tiles. Also if UAC is turned off tiles will not work.
  6. kcmike

    Weather app

    Ease of Access I had the same problem on 2 computers and this worked for me: Control Panel\Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center\Make the computer easier to see. For some reason "Turn off unnecessary animations (when possible)" was checked. So I unchecked it and my live tiles that weren't...
  7. kcmike

    what is this app please

    That is the Intel version of an App store. You can create an account and purchase apps through them. If you aren't going to use it just uninstall it.
  8. kcmike

    Windows 8 Horribly Slow-Toshiba Satellite

    Did your computer come with a lot of pre-installed trial versions of software? I would uninstall those that you will never use.
  9. kcmike

    What's the point of PAYING for WMC

    DVR. Dumped cable 4 years ago. XBox as an extender for movies, recorded shows, music, photos...etc. No more $100+/month bill.
  10. kcmike

    Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery

    I would do a manual image backup from within the Windows7 file recovery control panel. You get the option to select which drive to backup to.
  11. kcmike

    Windows 8 - Backup & Recovery - Windows 7 File Recovery

    Mine says the same thing. If you doubleclick on the WindowsImageBackup folder it will give you the message that you don't have permission - just click to continue. Drill down a couple more levels and you will see all of the catalog/backup files and it will list the sizes of each. I've never had...
  12. kcmike

    [Help] Can't identify what's causing the Open With dialog

    Could it possibly be a task that is scheduled at that time and the application is no longer installed on your system? You said you haven't rebooted in 5 weeks. Maybe it was left behind after an uninstall.
  13. kcmike

    So, do you use W8 Modern UI apps?

    I use a lot of them but most are for realtime information ( email, news, weather, sports, traffic, stocks ). Looks like a smartphone with a 19 inch screen. I don't play many games. I tried Metro IE10 but to me it's a step backwards. I usually have around 10+ tabs open all of the time within my...
  14. kcmike

    Windows 8 x64 - Two Control Panel icons in Taskbar..?!

    Move your cursor/pointer to the lower left corner of your screen until the thumbnail of the start screen pops up and then <right-click> and a menu will pop up. Click on file explorer and you should see your hard drives listed. Just double-click on the drive your OS is on it should be in Local...
  15. kcmike

    Windows 8 x64 - Two Control Panel icons in Taskbar..?!

    Have you tried going in the actual Desktop folder in File explorer/manager which is located inside your user folder? Maybe you can get rid of them that way.
  16. kcmike

    Too many gadgets

    I can't sleep at night unless I have my smartphone on the nightstand next to my bed.
  17. kcmike

    Annoyance with Metro tile arrangement

    Yeah that is annoying. I wish we could turn off snap to grid or whatever it's called. It seems to work better if there is an even amount of tiles per section.
  18. kcmike

    SSD, hibernation & quick boot

    go to:Control Panel--Hardware and Sound--Power Options--Choose what the power button does and you will see the check box for Turn on fast startup in Shutdown Settings. I think the windows default is that it is checked.