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    Emulating Mouse with Touch?

    Maybe this will work for you? TouchMousePointer - virtual touchpad (on-screen mouse) I find it a help for dropdowns because apparently my fingertips are too big. Seems to work pretty well. Only shortcoming is that I just wish it would respond to a double click on the mouse pad without...
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    Can anyone recommend an alarm clock app that doesn't suck?

    Thanks, I have looked there. I've tried several of them and they are terrible... can't set alarm, won't keep settings, etc. Thus my request for recommendations. You'd think this would be an easy app to write - the one on my Nexus tablet works great.
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    [FREE APP] LIVE Tile Clock - Infinity

    OK, I downloaded this because of favorable reviews here. How about some simple directions, as they are completely lacking from the app... An NO, it's not intuitive. Is there an alarm? How in the world does one access or set it? NOWHERE is this apparent. I tried to change the style. How do...