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    Bluescreens after System Restore: Fault in Nonpaged Area

    Updated my specs. Virus scan still isn't finished.
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    Bluescreens after System Restore: Fault in Nonpaged Area

    I had an issue where games I was playing were locking or limiting themselves at 30fps, looked around for solutions, and tried a few to no avail (they just had me changing settings in Nvidia control panel). After those didn't work, I decided to do a system restore from a point two days ago. After...
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    Wireless adapters keep turning off randomly

    I noticed my internet dying randomly while watching youtube or playing a game and saw that my USB wireless adapter had stopped working. It still recognized the adapter itself by having zero bars, but didn't show either of my networks or any of my neighbors' networks as available. I tried...
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    Audio buzzing during certain games

    When I'm loading Civ 5, Sims 3 and Sims 2, I can hear loud buzzing/screeching form inside my case. It only occurs when first loading the games, not like when I'm actually in a household in Sims or moving units in Civ, and stops if I bring up another window when they're loading. As soon as a...
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    Solved BSOD, driver crashing+recovering, and artifacts

    I updated what I could, but when I tried to install wg113 driver it closed all my windows and stopped itself. Also, I have no clue why AOD is on my computer since I don't overclock. Either way, I'm testing everything out right now with steam, skype, chrome, and a game of Dota running. I'll mark...
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    Solved BSOD, driver crashing+recovering, and artifacts

    I've been having frequent "display driver AMD has stopped responding but has recovered" messages along with full computer crashes and bad artifacting in most programs I run. Full BSOD crashes are random, but drivers going unresponsive and artifacts happen more often in certain programs...