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    Memory card for Nokia Lumia 1520 smart phone.

    It's not something I've experienced, so maybe someone who's experienced the problem first hand will come along shortly. However, when you say they aren't recognised, I assume it shows the SD Card in Storage Sense as 'not found'? Just out of interest, if you install the 'Files App' (a Microsoft...
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    Solved I.E keeps changing

    I'm not familiar with the website, however shouldn't it be (no dot between nine and msn). I expect resolves to because it isn't a valid subdomain of
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    Solved Outlook Email Security Certificate Error

    There's nothing you can do about this your end, as the problem is at Microsoft's end. In Outlook[.]com, click the cog in the top right, then go to Feedback > 'Something is broken'. I'd try reporting it there and see if they respond.
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    Solved Outlook Email Security Certificate Error

    Mmm, I don't understand how you've still got a green (EV) address bar with a padlock, if it's saying there's a certificate mismatch? Odd. Anyway, the next time it happens click on 'View Certificate'. The name on the certificate should match the name that's in the address bar of your browser...
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    Solved Adobe Reader

    I don't have Adobe Reader installed to try, however have you tried clicking where it says 'Tools' or one of the other menu items at the top to collapse it? It looks like the column is an expanded menu and the text at the top is clickable?
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    If it used to work, then it sounds like it could be something different to what I was referring to. You could try Option Two in Brinks tutorial. If you remove all stored passwords for all websites, it should reset all the sites including ones you previously clicked "Not for this site" on and...
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    I've not tired Gmail, but if the problem is what I think it is, I don't think there's a way. I have the same problem with Duolingo, but was unsuccessful in finding a way to get Internet Explorer to save the username and password. I can only assume there's something peculiar with the way...
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    Quick Launch toolbar has disappeared after rebooting.

    I've not experienced it disappearing myself. Is the physical folder location still there? C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch If so, what happens when you try to add it back?
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    Our friendly KB3035583 is back again...

    Same here, and that was with the DisableOSUpgrade registery fix set to disable upgrade as well. It's starting to get on my nerves TBH. Tempting to just wipe the lot like I did with the desktop, but I'm waiting to see what Threshold 2 is like first, with the laptop lined up to be the test machine.
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    Solved Icon font

    I think the Windows 8 font is 'Segoe UI'. I don't know what they use for symbols as I've never looked, but maybe have a look through the 'Segoe UI Symbol' font in Character Map and see if what you're looking for is there.
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    How do I delete an address from the Mail APP?

    Good question... and reply. :) It has always been stupid the way this works in the Mail app, because if a contact changes their email address and you update their contact details, when you create a new email it still shows their old email address in the list, meaning emails keep getting sent...
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    While installing windows 8 i shift+2 make " not @

    Are you sure your laptop is an English UK model, not a US import? I've just done a quick image search of keyboards and yours sounds like it could be a US keyboard layout?
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    8.1 Optional Updates (9/15/15) and the Windows 10 icon-FE

    Yeah, it's pretty intrusive on Microsoft's part with regards to constantly pestering people to install Windows 10. It seems that it isn't the same update un-hiding itself per se, but rather Microsoft issuing another update to supersede the previous update(s) that were hidden by the user. The...
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    Windows Search Options

    I don't have the tickbox for partial matches either, however searching from File Explorer finds partial matches by default for me. For example here is a search for 'NV' in the 'Nvidia Corporation' folder, where it brings up partial file/folder name matches: I have Windows indexing disabled...
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    Windows Firewall Advanced Settings

    It's up to you. Looking at your rules, those rules only apply when you're on a private network. For me, I removed the Windows Media Player Network Sharing rules as I have no need for them. I can always add new rules again if and when I need to, but it's not something I'd be likely to ever...
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    Windows Firewall Advanced Settings

    Not necessarily. For example, it wouldn't be more secure if you blocked software updates that fixed security vulnerabilities, or blocked svchost from connecting to Certificate Authorities to check for revoked SSL/TLS certificates, blocked Smartscreen filter connections, etc. I'd leave all the...
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    Solved How to Convert GIF to PDF

    I'm not sure what the best solution is as it's not something I've needed to do before, however I can confirm PDF24 Creator will allow you to print GIF's to PDF. With animated GIF's, it won't put the actual animation in the PDF, but rather it puts the individual frames of the animation in the...
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    Ridiculously Trivial Trivia

    Their full names all have the letter 'e' in them. :D
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    Solved Windows 10 removal problem

    The real SSL/TLS certificate for is signed by a Symantec Intermediate Certificate Authority and Verisign Root Certificate Authority. Your certificate is issued by Bitdefender CA. Therefore is appears that Bitdefender is acting as it's own CA and is issuing...
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    Solved Windows 10 removal problem

    In your screenshot above, it doesn't show the option to "Continue to this website (not recommended)", which IMO isn't very well thought out on Microsoft's part because that prevents you from viewing the certificate that it's saying is not secure. However, if as you say you're able to open a...