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  1. sml156

    Solved CMD Starts And Flashes for 5 seconds

    I would see if you have any corrupt files, Follow this tutorial written by Brink and use Option 2. I would also download the free version Of MalwareBytes, Opt out of the trial version. It maybe Malware...
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    Creating a SMB network - other devices dont see the folder

    you could try to connect using file Explorer In File Explorer type in the IP of the Computer, Example if the static IP is \\\ If it works you can right click on one folder at a time and select Map Network Drive and they will show up in This Computer ​in file Explorer
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    Solved Can one ethernet port be split to 2 devices?

    Wow that's a lot of info. Yes it can use a router to go to as many devices as you want.
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    Solved How to wipe MBR on infected hard drive

    Open up disk manager and delete all the partitions if it has any then format it.
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    Groove sync

    Try to press the Windows key + r and when the box comes up type cmd then press enter and then in the command prompt type in shutdown /r /t 5 and press enter that will reboot your computer in 5 seconds, If you want to shutdown the computer change the /r to /s​. If you want to click buttons...
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    How to solve an almost full C drive issue?

    EightForums has a tutorial written by Brink on how to gain more space on your root drive (C) Windows Update Cleanup in Windows 8
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    Wifi connection suddenly 1 bar after being 100%

    Sounds like the antenna for your laptop's WiFi is disconnected, The few laptops i have seen have the antenna on the monitor side. Have you been playing around with the covers of your laptop. On the few laptops I have seen the WiFi card is located either underneath the cover for the Ram or the...
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    Faking Ping In Windows??

    Your question is very vague and I'm not quite sure what you wish to accomplish doing this but here is my thoughts on this As long as you are only doing this on your own network it is Legal and the dream police will not bother you All of the stuff below is just an idea and a place to start...
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    Solved Accidentally Deleted The System Restore App for Windows 8.

    I don't think you can undelete the restore points but you can create a new one whenever you want. Follow this tutorial from EightForums written by Brink if you would like to try it.
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    Solved onedrive

    It might be easier for you to install OneDrive on your computer, This tutorial from EightForms should help,
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    I'm curious was there an option to decline the upgrade to Win 10
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    How can I set my Android phone to appear as network folder

    I am going to guess that on your android phone your file manager tells you that there is file's on your phone. Try to disable developer mode if you have it enabled (its not the default setting someone changed it) Try to disable Unknown sources in security There are many people running...
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    How can I set my Android phone to appear as network folder

    As far as I know there is no way to enable SMB Share on Android without downloading some software to the phone, There are quite a few file managers that have the option to enable file sharing with almost any OS. The way I do it on my phone is with a program called AirDroid there is a free and...
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    How can I delete Conduit Search Startpage?

    I don't know those programs you posted I would download Malwarebytes Free, I think it will get rid of Conduit Search when you install Malwarebytes make sure you uncheck the free trial.
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    An error in log on my computer

    Uninstall Xmas tic tak.
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    meeps!... : ) ...

    Welcome to the forum
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    What is using my Internet connection?

    Windows loves to talk to other computers, It can't go more than 5 minuets without trying to find another computer to talk to. Trying to understand why it does that will send you to the insane asylum.
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    How to find wifi password ???????

    What's the make and model number of the router. Some routers will have the wifi password written on the bottom of it. If the router was supplied by your ISP you should have some documentation supplied by them.
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    Cannot install drivers for my wifi adapter!

    Usually when you download drivers they come compressed with a .zip extension, Did you unzip it. Does it have a setup.exe, Then click on that. Does it have a .inf file, Then right click on that and select install.
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    Bios Not Detected Hard Disk in New FreeDos Laptab Lenovo

    See if this post on Eight Forums help's EDIT: LOL if you look at the bottom of this page it's the first suggestion on Similar Threads. It also says If you have a Lenovo IdeaPad (for example...