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    Do you think Windows 8 DP will be upgradeable to the beta?

    I haven't seen a blue screen since XP. Never even saw one in Vista, even in beta.
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    Solved How much RAM do you have installed?

    Do you have an unusual setup, like vm software or dual boot? 12gb ram, can you described your system, is it new ram?
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    Windows 8 Upgrades May Render Some DRM-Protected Content Unusable

    This is what I read, iTunes Plus are DRM free. but " the songs are watermarked (viaSlashdot) with the email address of the iTunes account used to purchase them."
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    Is Linux Only For Techies?

    I tried Linux a number of times, there where many things I liked. Then I'd come to a site that required some specific video viewer, I couldn't figure an alternative. Sometimes I'd download something and had trouble finding it. Most likely it was too many years with Windows. Some programs I use...
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    Internet Explorer 10

    At first I didn't like it, then I discovered how right click dependent it is. What will be the alternative on a Tablet? At first I had trouble downloading programs, like Chrome, Adobe reader, but when I used the compatibility mode it worked fine. It has some issues with Google intensive sites...
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    Win8 Install on New Hard Drive

    This happened on a single unformatted HD setup, with no other options. I would think if there had been another drive there would have been options.
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    Cool use for Chrome App Shortcuts

    Would also like to change color and font. IE varies the colors.
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    Win8 Install on New Hard Drive

    I bought an OEM hard drive (no install disc), was anticipating a hassle. Got a great deal, $45 320gb (no tax or ship charge).
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    Win8 Install on New Hard Drive

    Today I installed a new hard drive on my laptop. The drive was unformated, thought Win8 would walk me through formatting. Instead it formatted the hard drive automatically, pleasant surprise.
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    Solved Win8 Developers ed vs Win8?

    Thanks for the fast reply, that's what I needed.
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    Solved Win8 Developers ed vs Win8?

    I meant the one with Developer tools the larger iso vs the one without the tools.
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    can not install widows 8 with bootable pendrive

    Had the same problem, I used Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool, worked like a charm. You will later need to set your bios to boot from USB. Link > Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool - Free software downloads and software reviews - CNET
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    Solved Win8 Developers ed vs Win8?

    Other then some programming apps and ISO size any other differences between the 2 Win8 Alpha's? Pro or Con.
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    Do you STILL trust Microsoft to build antivirus support into Windows 8

    I use MS MSE and Malwarebytes Anti Malware. MSE since it's first release, have not had a Virus. Went from AVG, which is good. I like the fact that MSE has a clean interface, and notifies you to update or scan with a color change.
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    download to usb

    I downloaded the larger Win8 ISO file (5.38gb), wouldn't fit on a standard DVD, so I used an 8gb flash drive.
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    Solved Window 1 to 8 lol

    As to the clock you can install a clock gadget on the desktop, I also installed a power off / restart gadget on the desktop. In the Metro UI they'll (or someone will) most likely create a Clock Tile, or have the option to.
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    download to usb

    I first downloaded it to my desktop, then I used this small program that copy's it to your USB flash drive. It creates a bootable USB flash drive. It's a very simple program. When you are ready to install Win8 you may need to check in your bios settings the option to boot from USB. Here's the...
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    Does Windows 8 offer any advantage compared to Windows 7?

    I wouldn't call it a toy, but it is just for the curious.