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  1. jimbo45

    Windows 8.1 Pro native boot?

    Hi there This is all fine and good providing there's a WORKING "C" or boot drive in the computer. Is it possible to create a BOOTABLE VHD that runs totally from an EXTERNAL device -- even if there's no HDD / SSD in the computer at all. (Sort of like a "Windows to go"). Cheers jimbo
  2. jimbo45

    Solved Video card for three Monitors

    Hi there Glad you solved it - but I'll add this info for other who are considering multi-monitor set ups. Multi-monitor hardware comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes -- here's just one -- a 4 port one. Decent high end ones for things like stock trading systems can be quite expensive too --...
  3. jimbo45

    New Surface Pro 3 March 2015 Firmware Update Available

    Hi there Thanks I'm also looking forward to a possible "Surface Pro 4" -- the SP3 IMO has far exceeded whatever I expected it to do --especially if you get (IMO mandatory) the docking station. OK not the cheapest device but nor are macbooks and people buy those in droves too. I love the...
  4. jimbo45

    Sound has completely stopped working

    Hi there before doing that just click against the driver and choose ROLL BACK driver. On the W10 forum a lot of people have been having audio problems with REALTEK/VIA/CONNEXANT drivers. It's likely the manufacturers are working on some W10 drivers and have hosed everything up. The standard...
  5. jimbo45

    C drive system compression 4.3 GB could be saved

    Hi there would deleting the system compression data on drive C: via disk cleanup tools cause any problems. Anybody have any idea on what it actually DOES. Cheers jimbo
  6. jimbo45

    Office 2016 preview is asking me to activate/product key ?

    Hi there The old links had the product already activated -- the links were removed by Ms within a few hours. Currently you need to activate via an Office 365 subscription -- I don't have nor want one of those or even Office 2013. You could try an Office 2013 key though to see if it works...
  7. jimbo45

    New PC with Windows 8.1 blury text can't fix

    Hi there Is the Monitor defective --silly question - but remember - when all other possibilities have been tried ......!!! Don't know who said that but it's true. Windows 8.1 normally displays OK on decent monitors end even poorish laptops. Another interesting test you could do -- first...
  8. jimbo45

    Frustrated! Looking for Setup Advice just switched back

    Hi there PLEX works fine -- install on Surface Pro 3 - no problem with Networking video -- I don't know anything abot XBOX nor do I want to - never needed it. A docking station is great for the surface pro 3. The Video disc can be either attached locally or on a network drive - ensure decent...
  9. jimbo45

    New PC with Windows 8.1 blury text can't fix

    Hi there This is usually the fault of Graphics - the first thing to do is to install the CHIPSET drivers for your machine. Then install the latest RADEON drivers. If you are Lucky you might find Unknown device when you look at the device manager list of devices. If there is -try and right...
  10. jimbo45

    Screenshots of latest Office 2016 reveals new color theme

    Hi there I'm not even sure if it's available on W8.1 --I'm running mine on a W10 Virtual Machine. Cheers jimbo
  11. jimbo45

    Screenshots of latest Office 2016 reveals new color theme

    Hi there I like the dark grey one !!. It's Office 2016 even though activation says Office 2013. Cheers jimbo
  12. jimbo45

    Announcing the Office 2016 IT Pro and Developer Preview

    Hi there I got in when the links were leaked a few days ago - now I think you have to have an Office 365 subscription to activate. I don't have Office 365 or Office 2013. Office 2016 looks good - mine activated to Office 2013 even though it's Office 2016. Themes etc much nicer and it works...
  13. jimbo45

    Getting DRM FREE vesrions of TV / Radio (BBc I player etc

    Hi there This works on Linux, Apple and Windows. This is NOT DRM removal (those programs are usually a SCAM and don't work). Read my post on the W10 Forum -- 100% LEGAL and keep your BBC / other programs for viewing / streaming DRM Free for as long as you want -- this is NOT DRM removal so...
  14. jimbo45

    Linux users - Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" releaed

    Hi there Note you can also BOOT a LIVE CD as an ISO on a VM. Then you can install from the live cd to the VM if you like the live CD -- you don't need to TOUCH your physical machine for testing Linux. You can do it all from inside a VM. This way you can test a whole slew of Linux distros and go...
  15. jimbo45

    Convert from MBR to GPT keeping installations ?

    Hi there Like all things on the Internet you often don't get the WHOLE truth. If you CHANGE the boot disk to GPT then you will LOSE the "C" partition as you will need to install the UEFI version of W8. What *Might* (I'm not sure as I haven't actually tried this yet) be possible is to take an...
  16. jimbo45

    Linux users - Linux Mint 17 "Qiana" releaed

    Hi there As a SERVER most flavours of Linux beat any version of Windows hands down IMO -- even run as a Virtual Machine a Server is perfectly possible. Whether or not it works for you as a desktop is a moot point. Windows still is for 90% of the Non Apple users out there the EASIEST to use as a...
  17. jimbo45

    Solved No Sound from Sub Woofer

    Hi there There might be another option here too. Sometimes the HDMI device (in fact usually) will ALSO have at least a Headphone output. Plug that into the speaker system if the speakers are typical computer one's (external power driven). If you are REALLY lucky the HDMI device will also have...
  18. jimbo45

    Storage Spaces Dual Parity

    Hi there Storage spaces work just great -- and you don't need to use the same size HDD's either. I wouldn't have 8 in the mix --although it depends on the size you want to create -- it might be better for example to create TWO pools of 4 X 2 TB. Parity is fine -- unlike mirroring you only...
  19. jimbo45

    Solved No Sound from Sub Woofer

    Hi there That actually shouldn't be a mega problem -- most cheaper Sub Woofer systems have the Sub Woofer connected via the Speaker system and not the main Computer. More expensive sound systems will have specific connections like 2.2 / 7.2 etc cinema systems. If your computer also has an...
  20. jimbo45

    Windows 10 Technical Preview boot error

    Hi there I don't know about a tablet but it *Might* be possible to enable Network boot -- you'll have to check the BIOS though. Cheers jimbo