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  1. Weblunatic94

    My cursor can only move if it right click

    I have never heard of such issue but you can try this bro. I think this might help
  2. Weblunatic94

    U.S. Presidents (Just For Fun)

    Wow! A huge lot of information dude!
  3. Weblunatic94

    mouse cursor only moving when I left or right click.

    Never heard of such issue ever. If the cursor is stuck you can change settings in control panel. However, this seems some technical problem in the mouse. If this problem is not solved I suggest you buy a new one.
  4. Weblunatic94

    Word Association [10]

  5. Weblunatic94

    Keep One Change One [12]

    banana tree
  6. Weblunatic94

    Last Letter Game [14]

  7. Weblunatic94

    Keep One Change One [12]

  8. Weblunatic94

    What Are You Listening To?

    Love me Back by Trinidad Cardona
  9. Weblunatic94

    Hello! (Introduction)

    Hey I am new here too