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    Solved What will exactly happen after delete System32

    You'd most likely get an error relating to NTOSKRNL (the NT kernel) not being able to be found on boot.
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    I have both an Intel HD 4600 GPU (Core i7 4790k CPU), and Radeon R9 285 card in my desktop. Anyways, since the HD is pretty much unused I decided to enable it in UEFI settings for the purpose of running OpenCL stuff on it. Anyways I'm looking for software that can take advantage of OpenCL.
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    Microsoft Update is spamming

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    Network 170

    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on my desktop, and my ethernet connection got labeled Network 170. Any idea on how to go about fixing it?
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    More websites should do this (HTTP easter egg)

    Sounds like the kind of thing I would do, lol.
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    More websites should do this (HTTP easter egg)

    In process of figuring out how HTTP works, I found this in a response header from X-Powered-By: Web Server Built Entirely Out of Legos
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    Kids can't use computers... & why it should worry you

    Same here. Only thing I did learn in school computer wise is how to configure Cisco IOS switched and routers
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    Mozilla Firefox asking for user donations - huh?

    Too bad I can't rep due to the forum this thread is in. Anyways, thanks. GUIs certainly have their place, but the CLI is more efficient for some tasks. Always liked being able to just use a command in Linux to install stuff.
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    Mozilla Firefox asking for user donations - huh?

    Firefox kinda sucks anyways. It always pauses any code executing in tabs that are not active, which breaks some web apps (Chrome does not seem to do this). If Mozilla wants revenue, maybe they should fix Firefox?
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    Smartphone screen size

    True... for me personally 5.1 inch seems to be about perfect. I have a 12-inch Surface Pro 3 for any tablet needs.
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    Smartphone screen size

    I just got a Samsung Galaxy S5 G900V, and I love it. It is about 5.1-inch screen and borders on being a phablet, but still fits nicely in my pocket. It did make me wonder though... what is the limit for the practical screen size on a smartphone? Surely much bigger than this 5.1 inch screen would...
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    Intel Core i3

    Why? Look at this... Intel G3258 vs Core i3 4130
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    New Surface Pro 3 Firmware Released October 28th 2014

    Awesome. I havent had any issues with my Surface Pro 3 but I will update anyways.
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    Intel Secure Key

    Does anyone know anything about Intel Secure Key, and how I could possibly make use of the feature on my CPU?
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    Intel Core i3

    What is the point of the desktop Intel Core i3? The Intel Pentium is more than enough for mainstream type use, and for other uses I normally see the i5 or i7s used. The PCs at school I go to for example use Core i5 mostly. I rarely even see i3s on desktops.
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    Solved SSD - Does More $$$ mean better?

    I have a Crucial 512 GB SSD and its great. Excellent value SSD.
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    ATI R9 200 Series

    Try adjusting volume settings. I had a similar thing with my R9 285
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    Good server OS

    I am looking to run some server daemons on my desktop in a VM. I am using HyperV. Anyways I am looking for what the best OS to use in the VM would be. Specifically I want to run Apache httpd, ircd, MySQL. I am thinking maybe a RHEL like distro like CentOS for RPM compatibility. Though I am...
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    Why do people still go for LOW RES screens

    Eh resolution isnt everything. Id rather have a good GTG response time and nice color contrast.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on USB

    I have a Windows 8.1 Pro x64 disk that I would like to copy to a bootable flash drive so I can use it in case my Surface Pro 3 ever has OS problems. I have done Linux boots through USB but never Windows. So how would I do that?