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    Microsoft on Windows 8 Haters: We Could See This Coming

    And you can always get your new car repainted... But I think you should be able to get the color you want
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    Microsoft pulls September 2014 OneDrive Update for Busines

    This is just just embarrassing. Microsoft has completely lost its way
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    Microsoft Kills Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

    Lol, and every client of mine that has Windows 8 can't stand it. In fact most of the doctors went Mac and the rest returned their Windows 8 pc's and laptops for a Windows 7 machines. I guess they are all haters also. Whatever. Windows 8 has been a massive failure and every day we here about...
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    How long before Microsoft Windows XP disappears?

    Yea, the so called XPocalipse was a complete dud. Who didn't see that coming? Microsoft trying to panic people into dumping their XP computers to boost the sales of its latest dog.
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    Firefox web browser popularity wanes

    i couldn't agree more. I have no idea what these companies are thinking anymore. It certainly isn't about making software that users actually want....
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    No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015: Sources

    Blah, blah, blah... If you would only learn Windows 8 blah, blah,blah.... I know Windows 8. I don't lke a Windows 8.
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    No Microsoft Start Menu for Windows 8 until 2015: Sources

    Windows 8 is very different from previous versions if Windows. Some like the changes, some don't. I find it inferior to a Windows 7. Everyone I know finds it inferior to Windows 7. Looking at its sales numbers many feel the way I do. Does that mean everyone hates it? Nope. Many here love it...
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    Kinect for Windows v2 sensor available starting today

    .... because it's been so popular with video gamers.
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    Microsoft Surface Pro 3 announcement

    I don't understand why MS keeps trying to fuse different devices together. It keeps failing for them and I don't even agree with the desired goal.... different horses for different courses.
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    Microsoft's Surface strategy: As long as it takes

    Why do you think that? I don't remember Apple losing money for years with its iPhone and/or iPad..?
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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    Wth? Just post any bs here about Linux I guess. Are Windows fanboys really this desperate? Don't get me wrong, I am a Windows guy through and through. But posting obvious bs is just not right. bash linux with facts, not bs...
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    Surface Mini to be released in June

    Lol, Microsoft is making up for tablet losses selling keyboards... Even Paul Thurrott the biggest Microsoft fan in the world admits they are losing boatloads of money on the Surface. i know some people here are MS fanboys but get real...
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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    Just use the compatibility pack for Office 2003 and you can open documents created in newer versions just fine....
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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    What straw man argument is that? Only a small fraction of users need all the features of Office. Fewer even still need the full features of the latest Office. None of my clients actually need a newer version of Office than 2003. They all have newer versions, but they all preferred Office 2003...
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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    Honestly, this is a joke. Does anyone really think corporations are going subscription to save end users money? Really? Seriously? Are you on drugs? I'm not bashing MS here. Any company. They are doing this for you? Get real....
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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    I agree. Subscription is only a way to squeeze more money out of you. Companies don't do what's good for YOU, they do what's good for THEM.
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    Microsoft as a Subscription?

    It will be great for Apple and Linux if Microsoft goes subscription...
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    Strange issue with Windows 8.1 and SSD

    I just replaced the HD in my laptop with an SSD and did a clean install of Windows 8.1. I have a very strange issue now. When I first try to run a program the icons disappear from the desktop for a second then reappear but the program doesn't run. The second time a do this the program starts...
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    Windows 8.1 Update 1 is a Mandatory Update for Future Secu

    The real problem is that Windows 8 has been nothing but a series of poorly received betas.... Has anyone seen an OS change so much? And most people still don't like it. What a joke....
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    Microsoft to highlight One Windows progress at Build 2014

    Last I read about a week ago MS hadn't even started coding Win9. And you're looking for a beta?