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  1. Der Snoober

    Solved Cannot refresh windows 8.1. Have no disc or ISO.

    You're welcome! I'm glad it worked our for you. Greetz, Rover
  2. Der Snoober

    Solved how create a specific named account under User directory?

    Hi there and welcome to Eightforums! You will want to create a new useraccount with the name of "User". Then move all the stuff to this new useraccount. Afterwards you can delete the "John" account. That's the only way to properly rename the origional account. Goodluck with it. Greetz, Rover
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    Solved Removing Norton

    Hi there! Ouch...that's a irritating mistake you've made there. Let's see if I can help you out. You might want to try one of the following options: A) Reinstall Norton Utilities using the installation exe. Then afterwards uninstall it properly. B) Revert your computer back to an earlier...
  4. Der Snoober

    Solved Cannot refresh windows 8.1. Have no disc or ISO.

    Hi there, here is a tutorial which should help you out. It also states where you can download a ISO copy of Windows 8.1. Goodluck with it! Greetz, Der Snoober
  5. Der Snoober

    Take Ownership of a File, Folder, Drive, or Registry Key in Windows 8

    Great tutorial Brink. You've just saved my life there after I made a stupid stupid stupid mistake last night :confused:. Greetz, Rover
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    Keep One Change One [11]

    Final Chapter
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    Last Letter Game [10]

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    Word Association [9]

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    Reputation and Badges

    Congrats to all you people who just got some new badges. You've earned them!!! Greetz, Rover
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    The beginning of the end of Mozilla Firefox

    Amen to that Jimbo! Nicely said! Greetz, Rover
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    Word Association [9]

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    Keep One Change One [10]

    Video Player
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    Last Letter Game [10]

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    Force higher resolution in Windows 8.1

    Hi there and welcome to Eight Forums, That's a good question you've asked there. I'm not so sure though the screen resolution of your device is the bottleneck here. On my 24inch desktop monitor I can run 3 apps at one time with a screenresolution of 1920x1080. On my 10.1inch Surface Pro 2...
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    Last Letter Game [10]

    Rover :thumbsup:
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    Word Association [9]

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    Keep One Change One [10]

    Call Center
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    Have 2 Different Solid Colored Backgrounds

    Hi there, It's not possible to set the background colour different for each monitor. But you can tweak the system. Make a 'picture' in Paint with the appropriate colour and save it. Then make that the background picture for your screen and select the option to fill the picture to the screen...
  19. Der Snoober

    Windows Media Player auto full-screen if I open?

    Hi there and welcome to Eight Forums! The sollution to your problem is very easy. Click and hold the upper blue bar and drag the entire window a little bit down and to the left. Now you can hover over the rightabove corner of the screen. There will appear an arrow in a 45degree angle. Click and...
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    Office Enterprise 2007 constantly tries to install

    Hi there and welcome to Eight Forums, It seems to me like you screwed up the uninstallation of Office 2007 :cry:. There must be some files left behind so now the system is trying to repair the installation. But it cannot do that due to insufficient of files. It seems to me you can do two...