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  1. rfruth

    Solved Adhesive for CPU screw holder?

    Who is the manufacturer, what do they say (BINGed it) ?
  2. rfruth

    Win10 Edge Browser Test

    Too bad Skype for Web is not supported (hopefully this be fixed soon :eek:
  3. rfruth

    Federal Trade Commission - Computer Security

    Too bad the government isn’t following its own advice :o
  4. rfruth

    Hello EightForums!

    You mean Bing not Google :zip:
  5. rfruth

    Solved Brand new HP laptop will not start up

    My 6 month old HP tablet quick start guide said to fully charge the battery before doing anything - it came partially charged which IMO is plenty to get you (anyone) started but as someone said best for the battery to charge it right away + I like to think a good little soldier so I charged mine...
  6. rfruth

    Lots of 8/8.1 patches are coming

    22 optional updates on my 8.1 desktop, so far so good :)
  7. rfruth

    MS Office 365 + Linx Tablet??

    My 7 inch Stream came win one year of Office on two devices ! Great deal but turn off auto renew (its on by default)
  8. rfruth

    Patch Tuesday 10 March 2015

    Got 30ish ! on my desktop, only 14 on the tablet - no problem(s) :)
  9. rfruth

    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    HP Stream 7 Stream 7 tablets | HP® Official Store
  10. rfruth

    How to eliminate Buzzdoc ads?

    Shame we have to go thru all this but thx for the info :shock:
  11. rfruth

    Windows RT on a Raspberry PI, If you could would you?

    R U a member of the IoT Development program ?
  12. rfruth


    I have a short between my chair & keyboard every now and then :(
  13. rfruth

    Post your Start Screen!

    Nothing fancy but here is mine
  14. rfruth

    Sway feature updates—Internet embeds and more!

    Gonna check out the improvements, tnx !
  15. rfruth

    Too many apps message

    Anyone else getting the too many apps message when trying to use/install a new UI (metro) app ? I uninstall but it does no good - suggestions / workarounds ?
  16. rfruth

    new pc windows 8

    You may need to get the driver file(s) from AMD but you might lucky & not need to :shock:
  17. rfruth

    The next generation of Windows: Windows 10

    Three words Cortana desktop finally
  18. rfruth

    Launching Google Chrome Causes Refresh of Desktop Icons

    same here, also getting "Updates are disabled by the administrator" when I try to update :(
  19. rfruth

    Looking for the right Antivirus for my neighbor!

    I use Defender, works well and the price is right :)