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  1. J

    Should I try out Android?

    True. There's no way I can afford it either. I'll defiantly try out your suggestions when this headphones break.
  2. J

    Should I try out Android?

    TOTALLY. They are best choice for $100 headphones. I used to think that iPhone bundle earphones were the best:cry:... until I bought this headphones. I really really really want to buy the HD800 thing which cost something like $1500... the most expensive one Senheiser offers.
  3. J

    Should I try out Android?

    I don't really afford anything better right now. Sennheiser PX 200-II i Lightweight Supra-Aural Headphones with 3 Button Control for iPod, iPhone, and iPad: Electronics It sounds fine. Good for rock musics. I did a blind test with iPhone3GS / iPad2 / Computer(bad soundcard) and I...
  4. J

    Should I try out Android?

    Does it reach Apple's level? One of the reason why I have to use Apple is sound quality (via headphones). Does Samsung sound okay?
  5. J

    Should I try out Android?

    You can install Chrome from app store, BrowserChooser from Bigboss repo so that chrome is your default browser, and buy nitrous so that Chrome will use Nitro engine. Chrome is x10000 better.
  6. J

    Forcing driver installation

    It doesn't matter too too too much since I just gave up :( but radeon was smart enough to defeat compatibility mode and gave me an error. Oh so I should've downloaded the zip file version made for geeks... I see. I'll be able to do that when I return to Windows 8.
  7. J

    Should I try out Android?

    Thanks for the big post. 1. I don't really do much of Social networking except for Google+ once a day. I don't really focus on that. 2. I never use calendar nor the facebook events. I've been using iPhone for a year, and I used calender app for like... 3 times ;) 3. Windows 8 integration...
  8. J

    Extend the life of your desktop or notebook with solid state drives

    SSD is awesome but too costy for old computers. I would rather buy a new SSD computer so that I can fully enjoy.
  9. J

    M$ touch mouse $49.99 keyboard $79.99!!

    That's too expensive for me. Not even worth considering.
  10. J

    I have nothing better to do. So, I am whining....

    That would be nice :)
  11. J

    Fake 'Microsoft' callers

    "We're giving away Samsung Galaxy 3 and we're giving you $100 so would you like one?" "That phone is crappy as your mother" "Sorry I guess you like iPhone we also have a same deal for iPhone 4S but we are giving you $120 because its outd.." "Oh iPhone is crappy just like your grandmother."Hungs...
  12. J

    Upgrade to Win 8

    From my knowledge: Backup your files -> make a bootable usb or cd -> change your hard drive (probably going to be hard) -> connect usb or cd and install windows 8 -> transfer back your files -> lol
  13. J

    The quote of the day

    "Eat untill you can't" Don't know who said it, but it's pretty good justification for me.
  14. J

    Which age category do you fall in?

    About to turn 14.
  15. J

    Should I try out Android?

    I used to be semi-ios fanboy mainly because Android was crappy until recent. I also invested something like $250 which is not a small money. I'm pretty sure I'm getting Galaxy 3 or Galaxy Nexus.... unless iPhone 5 is super awesome and it's the greatest phone ever invented... Which is...
  16. J

    My Windows 9 predictions IF Windows 8 is a success...

    Sorry, I meant "If Windows 9 is something like that, I would use mac"
  17. J

    My N ightmare

    I didn't even know what that was until a month ago, and you can still use Windows Media Player or VLC I still agree that current Windows 8 sucks mainly because of metro.
  18. J

    My Windows 9 predictions IF Windows 8 is a success...

    No worries, I'll just use Windows 7 and switch to Mac later on.
  19. J

    Solved Freezing issue solved - KB2727113

    I should probably go back to Windows 8 now!
  20. J

    Windows 8 RTM has leaked

    Not for the company :) Downloading it RIGHT NOW I GET UP TO 30 MBPS WHAT THE HECK I never experienced more than 9 Mbps while using 100 Mbps update: nah, just temporary