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    Will Microsoft Turn Off the Activation Servers

    Just like Windows 7 which will stop receiving updates similar thing will happen to Windows 8 Pro when the Microsoft will stop the support and release of updates in 2020 or 2021. Here I want to ask will the Microsoft also turn off the activation servers also for Windows 8 Pro version at some...
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    Will Computer Hard Disks get cheaper Quickly?

    With 5G just launched in few cities of USA and expected in many cities of Europe in 2019 and by the mid of 2020 5G will be coming to India. Do you think that data consumption will increase and go beyond sky? Will this coming of 5G going to cause Hard Disks getting cheaper within few months as we...
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    Screen Recording Software

    I require a software that will Record the screen along with sound without Watermark in HD quality. Name some of these kind of softwares.
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    HP Laptop Recovery Problem

    I completed Recovery with recovery DVD's. When I press the Power-On button and PC Boots up its not starting Windows 8. Instead its showing Error Screen with Recovery Manager written on top of the box, which says=>"The recovery attempt has failed. Select one of the following buttons:- (1)Save Log...