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  1. antspants

    Solved Account details page here is blank

    Thank you so much. 🙏
  2. antspants

    Solved Account details page here is blank

    Hi. I don't have my old email address so I was going to change it. But it appears that when I click on account details, I am presented with a blank screen. Does anyone know why? I tried in both firefox and chrome Thanks 🙏
  3. antspants

    A guy my age should know better

    At my age (cough about50something cough) you'd think I know better. I got sucked in badly by this ... I bought 4, whacked em onto a new stand (Which I also have problems with) only to find that when you turn it on, the true bevel is revealed. yes, I hear you, its my own fault. Generally I...
  4. antspants

    When can I install W8.1 update

    That may explain a problem I had with another PC cheers
  5. antspants

    Personal Computer Related Memories - I Remember:

    I used to reinstall after so much as a driver update and like you ALWAYS when I upgraded a piece of hardware. I'm well over all that now, I just wait til bluescreens are more than once a day, then its an image restore or complete reinstall. I prefer the image, installing these days takes me more...
  6. antspants

    Microsoft Kills Update 2 and Patch Tuesday

    lol, M$ knows someone has a better idea than them, they just haven't figured on how to dispose of the body
  7. antspants

    Windows 8.1 Aug Update Released (KB2975719)

    I had start 8 installed before updating, I see no issues with it. I could uninstall and reinstall to check, but I wont :P
  8. antspants

    Reputation and Badges

    Awesome :) :ar: Very noice !!!
  9. antspants

    Word Association [10]

  10. antspants

    Last Letter Game [11]

  11. antspants

    Keep One Change One [11]

    Seven Samurai
  12. antspants

    What Are You Listening To? [2]
  13. antspants

    I accidentally screenshot my boot logo

    Hacked by Apple? I know with the iphones, if you press the power button and the start round button thingy it takes a screen shot
  14. antspants

    Show Us Your Rig!

    Noice mate. I lol'd
  15. antspants

    Doing backup :)

    I see what you did there lol :) Bugger, you said Bacon. Now I have to get up and cook some.:p
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    Word Association [10]

  17. antspants

    Last Letter Game [11]

  18. antspants

    Keep One Change One [11]

    pepper spray :haha:
  19. antspants

    Doing backup :)

    Is there something happening since Ive been away? OH NOOOOES Whats happening? I used Acronis for years and then it started annoying me. I'll have to be honest and say I have found Windows System Images fantastically convenient.
  20. antspants

    Has anyone else here received this email?

    Get a long stick, poke it, see if it bites. my guess it will bite your arm off along with your identity.