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    Solved ADMIN::: misspelled my user name wrong when I signed up.

    Hello. I feel silly asking this but when I joined the forum, I misspelled my user name wrong. I would like to change it to read the proper user name. The user name should be:: Mochadaisy I typed: Mochadisy The A is missing in the last part I signed up with my phone and...
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    Black screen after 8.1 update Desktop and Laptop

    KYHI.......Thank you for your reply. It's difficult to install the drivers and programs when I only get a black screen. Anyway, I've gone to different forums and I tried a list of things step by step and it still gave me the black screen. I was advised to boot in safe mode, remove the...
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    Black screen after 8.1 update Desktop and Laptop

    Hello. I'm sure this has been asked many times but I'm new here and I really have to ask. I have windows 8 but lately it keeps asking me to upgrade to 8.1. This happens both on the desktop computer and the laptop. I refuse but the notice keeps coming over and over in a day. I tried the...