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    Solved Watermark Removal Anyone???

    Hi all, In windows 8, if you remove its watermarks, you won't see "move file, folder process" You can check it to see that "invisible copy box for your windows" and you can't stop, x with you copying process thanks
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    Metro Apps not Opening

    have you installed your Graphic card driver yet? Although windows can dectect your graphic but i noticed you should install correctly Graphic driver for your PC. Thanks
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    Solved Microsoft Security Essentials working!

    Actually, i think MSE in windows 8 like as Windows Defender much??? how do everybody see that?
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    Metro Apps Crashing

    Hi all, If you want to use all apps at Metro in Windows 8, you need using different local account (disable administrator account) thanks
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    .Net framework feature is not getting tuned on in Win8.

    hi all, you can't install .Net 3.5 over offline version but you need patience with windows update (maybe about 2 hours for complete it) I finished it.