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    Windows 8 Windows Media Feature Pack KB2703761 issue

    Try it again with your antivirus software disabled and see if it works. If it doesn't your pc has other issues going on. Also, have you tried typing Add Features in the search box ? You need to do that and then type in the product key for the Media Pack.
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    WinTV-HVR 950Q causes computer to crash when sleeping

    All usb based tv tuners are known for being buggy. The PCI/PCIe one's aren't. I've got a Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1850 (PCIe x1) in my pc. If you have a desktop pc, see if you can return the usb one you have and get a PCIe x1 one. Have you downloaded the updated driver & software from Hauppage ? When...
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    Solved Help unstalling - SpyHunter 4

    I did a search and found a link to a YouTube video on it. Here's the link:
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    Windows Update stuck at "0 kb total, 0% downloaded"

    My laptop recently has the same issue. Here's what I did and it worked. Just leave Windows Update going with the download and install, walk away for up to half an hour. When you come back you'll see that Windows actually updated itself and the restart pc is showing, where you check for updates...
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    Unable to create a homegroup in win8

    Personally, in Windows 8/8.1, I've found HomeGroup to be hit or miss. My desktop pc has 8.1 Pro, my laptop has plain 8.1. My laptop can see my 8.1 Pro's HomeGroup and password, but can never finish joining it.Even deleting the HomeGroup in 8.1 Pro (leaving,etc.) and recreating it doesn't solve...
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    Unable to create a homegroup in win8

    The only way you can create a HomeGroup in Windows 8/8.1 is if you have Windows 8/8.1 Pro or Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise. If you have plain Windows 8/8.1, you can't create a HomeGroup, you can only join one.
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    How transfer apps calender to a new computer

    If both pc's have Windows 8/8.1 and it's the default Microsoft Calendar on both, it should automatically transfer over to the new pc.
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    Solved Will DirectX 12 require a new GPU?

    Yep, new gpu's will be needed to use DX12. Otherwise you'll be using DX 11 or whatever your gpu supports.
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    Solved Will DirectX 12 require a new GPU?

    Yeah, we'll probably all need new gpu's to use it. They're also, changing the coding in Windows 10 from the 6*** numbering that was used in Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 in Windows 10 to 10,***. I'm curious to see if that last one effects what software will work with Windows 10. The current...
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    FireFox 2015 Release Schedule

    Thanks for the info. Wasn't in their list, but we'll obviously be on Firefox 43 at this time next year.
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    Loss of ISP

    I had issues with BrightHouse in the past both with tv and internet in Brevard County. In my area usually anywhere from 11 PM - 3AM, it was like who ever was working there was falling asleep and flicking switches to temporarily cut out everyone's tv or internet. Glad I ditched them. Could be...
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    No new Windows Phone flagship until second half of 2015

    You'll probably be able to get a true flagship Windows 10 one then or November.
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    No new Windows Phone flagship until second half of 2015

    Yeah the 935, 1330 and 1530 aren't coming until Windows 10 is released.
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    No new Windows Phone flagship until second half of 2015

    2014 didn't have a true flagship Windows Phone. The Lumia 1520 from 2013 is still the king of Windows Phone's. All the new phones other than having newer cpu's/graphics, are otherwise lower spec'd than any Windows Phone 8 equivalent.
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    Solved Bored

    Thanks guys.
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    Solved Bored

    How would I get your batch file to run? I know to paste it into notepad, but what do I save it as ? What type of extension would I use for it and what program would I run it with ? Administrative Command Prompt, PowerShell or PowerShell 64 bit in Windows 8.1 Pro Update 3 x64 ???????
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    How to search for shortcuts using Windows 8.1 Search Charm

    Install Search Everything, it's better than the default windows search. Just search Bing, Google, etc. for it.
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    Solved What was this update ? installed without permission.

    If you have Windows 8 or 8.1, you have those app's. They're pre-installed w/Windows. Mail, News, Health & Fitness, Finance (now called Money), Travel, Sports, Music and Videos are all pre-installed modern app's. All are now called MSN ..., except Music and Videos. The Music and Videos apps...
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    Solved What was this update ? installed without permission.

    LovingWindows is correct Microsoft rebranded Sports, Travel, News, etc. from Bing ... to MSN ...
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    Kapersky Internet Security 2014 + 2 PCs = 2 Broken PCs :)

    Check in your bios/uefi and see if it shows your keyboard & mouse listed. If it doesn't, click on what ever key it say's to load either "Optimized Defaults" or "Default" values, then hit the F10 key to save the changes and see what happens. When you reinstalled Windows, was it a upgrade install...