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    After display turns off have to restart laptop every time

    What OS did the computer originally ship with? Did you go to the manufacturer's website and download all the proper drivers? Most importantly, you want to make sure that your laptop's chipset drivers are up to date (and support Windows 8), as well as the BIOS. Also look for any power...
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    USB-connected device is not charging

    Is your laptop running on battery power or plugged into a wall socket when doing this? It might not work when the laptop is on battery power.. Also, just because Windows may have installed some generic drivers doesn't mean they are the proper drivers. I would advise looking for a proper driver...
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    Solved Acer Aspire E1 570 Battery Dies at 40%

    First, go to your Power Options control panel (Windows Key + X > Power Options). Under the plan that you use (actually you can check all of them), click "Change Settings". Now click on "Change Advanced Power Settings". Find the entry for "Battery" and expand it. Check the following nodes...
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    Laptop randomly shuts down/restarts.

    Go into Event Viewer (Windows Key + X > Event Viewer) and look for any critical errors under 'Summary of Administrative Events'. After you are done with that, hit your Windows Key + X again, this time choose "Command Prompt (Admin)". Highlight the command below and copy it: powercfg /a Now...
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    Solved desktop does not show in file explorer in w8

    I may be wrong, but don't you have to perform a clean install when going from Vista to Windows 8? To the OP: If in fact you were able to upgrade from Vista to Windows 8 without doing a clean install, I would seriously recommend performing a clean installation of Windows 8 before you make too...
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    Solved BitLocker Encryption on External Hard Drives

    Check your policies: 1. Windows key + R > type gpedit.msc 2. From the left side, navigate to the following: Computer Configuration > Windows Components > Bitlocker Drive Encryption Check all the policies in this folder and it's subfolders - including any policies pertaining to enforcing...
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    Desktop background wallpaper multiple folders

    The idea was to combine shortcuts from all the different folders into one folder. I'm glad you eventually found a solution, but is it possible that some of the image files you want in the slideshow are not in a format that is recognized by Windows natively? Ie., were any of the images .psd...
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    Desktop background wallpaper multiple folders

    You could create shortcuts in the "slideshow folder". You could do it like this: 1. For each folder that has the pictures you want (as long as it's all of them) - open the folder, hold down the CTRL key and push A (CTRL+A) to first select all of them. 2. Rt. click on top of the selected files...
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    Windows 8.1 Acting Sluggish....

    Given that ZoneAlarm is a firewall/antivirus product, it certainly could have a lot to do with it. Try disabling it and see.
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    Struggling to install .NET Framework 3.5

    Glad it worked out.
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    Struggling to install .NET Framework 3.5

    Try copying the 'sources\sxs' folder onto your hard drive from the installation disc, change your command in the Admin Command prompt to reflect the new location, and see if it works that way. And even though MS doesn't provide it, you can also try downloading an installer package from here...
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    Separating Similar Windows From Each Other In The Taskbar

    Unfortunately, I don't think this is possible natively in Windows. Taskbar Shuffle will do it though: Download Taskbar Shuffle - MajorGeeks
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    Windows 8.1 Acting Sluggish....

    Have you tried disabling ZoneAlarm? Given that Chrome is the app 'not responding', there's a very good chance that this is your culprit.
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    Razer Mouse - USB 3.0 port using 2.0

    It most definitely could be a driver issue - but that is the problem. Most mouse/keyboard mfg's don't bother creating drivers for the 3.0 spec. simply because they know that people reserve their 3.0 ports for devices that can utilize the higher bandwidth - actually, as you probably already know...
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    Razer Mouse - USB 3.0 port using 2.0

    It could be that the 3.0 port is being provided by an add-on chip on the motherboard, rather than native to the motherboard itself, which could explain the compatibility issue. While I understand that your ports are limited, plugging the mouse into a 3.0 port is a total waste of bandwidth and...
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    It doesn't detect my monitor as a monitor

    The audio is referring to the audio signal for the TV. I want to make sure I understand you correctly, you are using the external monitor (LG) as your primary display, not dual monitors...? If this is the case, go back into Device Manager, the Generic Monitor and choose "Update device...
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    Windows 8 Ethernet Driver Causing Slow Download Speeds

    Ben, First off, if you turn auto update back on, it's just going to reinstall the signed drivers, which means they are going to go straight back into your driver store, and you are going to have the same problem all over again (if this is the problem). But one thing you should keep in mind, as...
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    Windows 8 Ethernet Driver Causing Slow Download Speeds

    Yes, make sure that the Windows drivers are loaded before you do it because the command will be permantley deleting whatever drivers are loaded at that point.
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    Windows 8 Ethernet Driver Causing Slow Download Speeds

    Ok here's what you want to do: First, (make sure the Windows drivers are loaded, not the Realtek drivers) 1. Windows Key + X > Command Prompt (admin) 2. Copy the line below, then place your cursor at the blinking command prompt and once (which will paste the command) pnputil -e 3...
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    Windows 8 Ethernet Driver Causing Slow Download Speeds

    Did you turn it off entirely (ie., Never install updates)?