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    Favorite Browser?

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    Win 8 deleting files added outside of Win 8

    funny stuff, when i first tried win8 i kept with my usual practice and installed apps to a different partition. upon trying to run a program, it would run, files were missing, when i uninstalled the program, win8 wiped all the program folders in that partition except for a couple.
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    Before you Dual Boot - The truth about MS, OEM's & Linux

    so thats like saying you couldn't replace your HD without voiding your warranty? People purchase systems with pre-installed os because thats all that is sold in stores locally to them and the prices are usually cheap, in their eyes. As consumers, we should all realize that pre-assembled...
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    Solved Twisted brush gives error in Win 8

    Are you under an admin account? Try installing to a different destination point? C:\Pixarra\TwistedBrush maybe. I installed it just now no issues
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    Post your Desktop!

    This be mine