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    Solved Local LAN, One laptop not ping

    The easiest way to do this is to find / purchase an Ethernet hub and plug both laptops into the hub. You will then be able to ping both laptops. To do it the way you are trying to do it, you will need a "crossover" cable to connect the two laptops directly together.
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    Win 8.1 File Association back to: Choose Default Program..

    Very simple. Browse to the (a) file in question, right click the file, and then click properties. Then click the CHANGE button, and you can change it back to whatever application / program that you want the file to be opened with. By doing one file it will change the default association on all...
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    Win 8 suddenly became Vista

    Here's what I would do. 1. Boot to a usb thumb drive and copy your "DATA" to a safe place. 2. If you have Windows 8 media, I would then boot to that media and reinstall a NEW windows 8. By new I would delete the partitions and let the install media create new ones. 3. If you don't have windows...
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    Custom PC Builder

    I concur on the do it your self. You'll have a great experience and learn something new. Not to is real easy and way simpler than it was 20 years ago.
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    Windows 8.1 doesn't recognize iPhone

    an iphone will need iTunes to do what you want it to do.
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    Help Cannot connect to wifi

    Ok, I'll bite and tell you the first thing I thought of. Turn the WIFI on. All laptops have a way to turn the wifi on/off with keystrokes. i.e. Function Key + an F key. For example, my Samsung you can turn the wireless on/off by pressing Fn +F12 keys. That what I would check...
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    Changed RDP listening port, not 3389 wont work

    Did you remember to use the correct port when requesting a remote desktop connection: ??? Make sure the firewall is configured to listen and accept connections via the new port.
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    Internet Dropping, 'Default Gateway is not Available'

    Yes, I have suggestions. 1. If you're using wireless, change the wireless channel to an available number instead of auto assign. This will help when you have other "wireless" devices in the house. 2. Make sure your router is using the latest firmware. 3. Make sure your wireless NIC is using...
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    Solved How to search multiple files for words

    Open Windows Explorer (File Explorer) browse to the folder in question, and in the search field enter the following: content:texttosearchfor
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    Ricoh 2550 Scan to Folder on Win 8.1

    Try putting the ip address of the scanner in the local hosts file. Maybe then it will find it every time.
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    Leave computer running or shut down

    I run mine 24-7 for the last 15 years or so...still no issues.
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    Installation problems, please help me trouble shoot this

    Peter, I had a windows 8 machine go into the reboot restart loop after an update once, and after I reinstalled the OS it would still go into the loop. After a couple of hours of frustration, I pulled a memory stick out and the it booted normally. Why would a computer that was working fine with...
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    Network or DNS issue?

    When I have an issue with IE, I have found one of the best solutions is to set IE back to defaults. This will normally resolve most IE issues...not always, but most of the time. Wouldn't hurt to try.
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    Solved Recommendation for computer brand

    I build all of my "own" computers, but for family and friends I tell them to go buy one off the shelf. I prefer HP laptops (I have an ACER tablet/laptop that I like too) and for desktops, which ever one that floats your boat so to speak. As for as CPU's are concerned, I believe that Intel...
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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    It is not an option for this tablet either. It was set to 125 by default with no option to change it unless you wanted to go smaller. However, you could use the zoom keystrokes, the pinch motion going outward and it would zoom on the screen. On the settings screen it said to use the magnifier...
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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    Well, now I'm curious and will have to check that out. I haven't had any issues reading it...but then again, I have to use my glasses for any computer time. So, I will check this out tonight and post back later or tomorrow whether or not you can change the DPI.
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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    No, it is this one: Buy HP Stream 7 Signature Edition Tablet - Microsoft Store I think the difference might be due to the T-Mobile option of the one that you showed.
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    Which Windows tablet do you own?

    HP Stream for me...bought mine from the Microsoft store for only 79.00. Windows 8.1 Pro with a full year of Office 365 included, and FREE shipping (and that was to Alaska)! I believe you can still get it for that price at the Microsoft Store if you hurry.
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    Ricoh 2550 Scan to Folder on Win 8.1

    Windows 8.1 Pro you can add Windows FTP server to your 7910 without any additional cost. Also, does the 7910 use a static or dynamic IP address? I would think it would need to be static for the Ricoh to find the 7910 every time. Hope this helps.
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    Solved How to save a VM.

    I do it all the time with is the only way to go.