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    Windows 8 missing on dual boot start up

    Repair dual-boot Windows 8/7 You can fix dual boot using "Dual-boot Repair" tool from Visual BCD package. 1. Run Dual-boot Repair. Click "Automatic Repair". This will make system boot to Windows 8 by default. 2. Reboot. [3. If Windows 7 missing from boot menu:] Run Visual BCD Editor...
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    Solved how to disable windows boot manager

    If you are happy leave it as it is. In {bootmgr} you can have: 'timeout' 0 => set to 10 or 15 'displaybootmenu' yes => either delete or set it to no. If not familiar with bcdedit you could use Visual BCD Editor. You should never get a boot menu - neither text style, nor metro style - as there...
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    Solved how to disable windows boot manager

    1. Do you mean: BEFORE - system booted to Win 8 directly NOW - boot menu is displayed ? 2. Can you post output of this command: (on admin console) bcdedit /enum all /v >bcdedit.txt and attach the file "bcdedit.txt" created by command above.
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    windows xp cannot start (dual boot 8 and xp)

    EasyBCD is violating Microsoft Copyright, grub4dos Copyright. Neosmart is a company of crooks stealing foreign work !! DO NOT USE EasyBCD.
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    Windows To Go in Windows 8 Pro

    This is achieved by setting SAN policy to 4. I hope it can be changed, so you can make an Enterprise Win8-2go to access local drives. Nothing can forbid you attaching a recovery wim if it is not there.
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    Solved Add Boot Option After Win 8 Install?

    Is your Windows 8 installation on UEFI/GPT ? I have already experienced situations (even on BIOS/MBR) that you have to restart Windows 8 so changes to BCD are permanent. Windows 8 has to be shut down completely, which means fast startup (new in Win8) must be disabled !
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    Critical Java zero-day bug is being “massively exploited"

    That's to much for a product which isn't an OS. If Java VM is started with all access rights the computer seems open to be exploited. I wonder how the Java sandbox concept is so vulnerable - on first impression it should be bulletproof.
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    Windows To Go in Windows 8 Pro

    Windows 2go can be made with any Windows 8 I think. The automated procedure in W8 Enterprise creates 2 partitions on special USB drives (which report to be fixed). Not really necessary. There are other characteristics for W82go: local hard drives are unaccessible (forbidden), no recovery...
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    Solved Removed dual booted XP, "Reboot and select proper boot..."

    Theog, I would not recommend a tool which is violating copyright.
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    Solved Removed dual booted XP, "Reboot and select proper boot..."

    Windows boot files are always on active partition (system on UEFI).
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    Solved Removed dual booted XP, "Reboot and select proper boot..."

    Boot Windows 8 DVD/USB. Go to command prompt. 1. bootsect /nt60 all 2. bcdboot xXx:\windows where xXx: is drive where Windows 8 is installed. This will make you boot to Windows 8 if system is not demagged in any other way. To add Windows 7 - use Visual BCD Editor, select "Create missing...
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    Migrating Windows 8 to SSD while maintaining drive letter?

    It's funny. People plan and see later that plan does not work. :cry: Why planning at all ? Now serious :cool: 1. Copy partition with OS to SSD booted from a Live CD. 2. Boot SSD (It will recognize itsef as C: by default). Assuming OS partition was made bootable (holds boot files).
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    Error: Windows PE cannot start because the actual...

    The error message tells something went wrong during upgrade. The X drive is usually mapped to installation/repair media (DVD/USB). You should restart from disk (nothing like USB,CD,DVD attached) and see what options are offered. 1. Continue with installation 2. Rollback installation 3. other...
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    Multiple Windows 8 problems

    If there too many problems why not save your files (docs, pics, videos, install packages e.t.c) on external drive and then format and install fresh. I suspect registry is not in best shape and maybe some installed program is also creating problems ? If you start a fresh install do not install...
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    Solved Win 8 install unable to see hdd

    Check options for DVD/USB in firmware (BIOS/EFI). If disk is in MBR format you should choose firmware options for DVD/USB to boot BIOS/legacy way else disk is in GPT format you choose DVD/USB to boot EFI way. You can check format of hdd using "diskpart" utility on command prompt (in...
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    Dual Boot - No timeout in Legacy Bootloader?

    What do you mean ? That bcdboot is not working ? This is a MS-utility which has been proven to work on "zilions" of systems. ReagentC comes last after you have fixed all other inconsistencies in BCD ReagentC hadles install/deinstall of recovery environment.
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    Dual Boot Win8 and Win7...

    After installing Windows 7 it will take over boot process. To repair dual-boot: 1. Run Dual-boot Repair tool from Visual BCD package. This will make Windows 8 again the default boot loader. Only if Windows 7 is missing from boot menu after repair - Visual BCD Editor - "Create missing Windows...
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    Dual Boot - No timeout in Legacy Bootloader?

    @Saltgrass your observations are correct - the BCD is altered who knows how. SiPolicy (Integrity Services) is missing from bootmgr and Windows 8 loader ? Some device elements are "unknown".... I would run this command when booted to Windows 8: bcdboot c:\windows Yet better "Dual-boot Repair"...
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    Dual Boot - No timeout in Legacy Bootloader?

    Windows 8 installation does NOT alter existing Win7 entries. Is it possible you used some bcd tool before or after Win 8 installation ? Nothing can stop you deleting bootmenupolicy for win 7 loader on admin console - bcdedit can do. If you have problems using bcdedit try Visual BCD Editor -...
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    Solved windows 8 stuck in repair cycle, no way out?!?!

    In root folder of Windows drive => drive_letter:\hyberfil.sys