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    KB2785094 Failure

    NaySayer: confirmed again. I had moved — not deleted — these sub-folders from Programs in ProgramData: Accessibility, Accessories, Administrative Tools, System Tools, Tablet PC. I assume the update routine modified (overwrote) a system exe or dll and then 'refreshed' the corresponding shortcut...
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    KB2785094 Failure

    Confirmed, NaySayer: identical experience on two separate 8 machines. Once again we are at Microsoft's mercy; but unless a system manifests one of the three very specific issues the patch was meant to correct, it doesn't seem like a critical failure. For folks doing real work with graphics and...
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    Solved Office 2003 + Windows 8 Pro x64

    This is correct. The major update to Windows 8 on the 9th of October resolved the problem with Office 2003 and many others as well.
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    Which office for Windows 8?

    Davidvoyage: Truly no need for concern — not only can Word 2007 and later 'Save As' to doc format, but this old Word format can also be made the default and docx then becomes a 'Save As' option. Your original post suggests that you have Office 2010. If so, install it in Windows 8 and enjoy. For...
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    Which office for Windows 8?

    There is one compelling reason not to install Office 2003 on Windows 8 RTM: it breaks Windows 8 Update. See this post: As an addendum to that information, I have just confirmed that the Microsoft's Metro Apps will...
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    Post your Start Screen!

    Metro: well trimmed and quickly bypassed with a good laugh! — The 'legacy' Desktop, where the real Windows work is done —
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    Universeal — the 3rd party app you want is DisplayFusion. Already highly evolved for Windows 8, with astounding depth and capability; it is even able to mirror 3rd party Start buttons such as Classic Shell's on secondary monitors. And its development team is superb at pushing the beta cycle and...
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    Windows 8 Desktop UI - Change Title Text Color?

    Nope — not yet, anyway. By the time of the public release in October hackers and customization utility publishers may have figured it out. Presumably Stardock's WindowsBlinds will present a version for 8 that solves this problem. The many features of Windows in version 8 that have been removed...
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    Solved Office 2003 + Windows 8 Pro x64

    A consensus is emerging in Windows 8 forums around the net that Office 2003 as a suite or individuals apps therefrom break Windows 8's Update. Elsewhere in this forum the problem was attributed to a Windows 8 x64 [RTM] upgrade over Windows 7 x64 that had Office 2003 installed. My experience...
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    Solved Unable to image hard disk w/ Win 8 Backup

    John: here's a thought. Possibly the Eight 'Refresh' hosed the driver for your HP device. In earlier versions of Windows when something like this happened one trouble-shooting protocol was to locate the device in Device Manager, delete it, then restart Windows to force the re-installation of the...
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    Solved Office Tab Free Edition doesn't work

    Very good news indeed! But it would contribute to our sharing of knowledge if you indicated the version that didn't work and the number of the soon-to-be-released one that does.
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    Solved Office Tab Free Edition doesn't work

    Sorry I can't help you directly. This morning I installed the paid v7.5 32-bit on Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64-bit running Office 2003. Only had time to test it in Word; Office Tab Center setup normally and the tabs operated as expected. I ran my installer in Windows 7 compatibility mode and...
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    Anyway to anchor icons ? To have them stay where put ?

    Phil K: you might be speaking of the so-called Tiles of the Metro start screen. Can't hep you here as I haven't experienced instability of these. However, the icons I set on Eight's desktop simply would not reload in their assigned positions. Elsewhere I have read that this is an authentic bug...