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    OneDrive - Save Documents to by Default in Windows 8.1

    This keeps getting turned back on. Very annoying. Any way how to permanently stop it as indicated above but not break SkyDrive as I use it to manually put files there?
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    Disable 'add printer' SNMP Scan

    Thanks for the info. If you find out how to do it, please let me know. Did you have to do something special to replicate it in windows 7?
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    Disable 'add printer' SNMP Scan

    On all of our Windows 8.1 clients, every time a user tries to add a printer using the 'add a printer' wizard, it triggers alerts from our secure network devices indicating that someone's trying to log in to them with SNMP. We need the failed logon notifications but it's incredibly annoying to...
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    Windows 8 / 8.1 doesn't remember external monitor config

    Just got a new laptop and have the same issue in 8.1 that I had in Windows 8 on my M6600. I'm a mobile IT person and work in many different offices. In Windows XP / Windows 7, the OS remembered my external monitor configurations when I went between locations. (I'd plug in my external monitor...