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  1. mazharshah

    No installed apps on Windows 8.1

    Installing apps Hi Gimomars! Here you go might help you to finding your windows apps. Getting apps for your PC - Microsoft Windows
  2. mazharshah

    Map Learner Game Free Window app, Become geography expert

    Becoming a geography expert is not easy. Gaming applications can be of great assistance in helping you develop your geography skills. One of the most useful games to boost your geography skills is Map Learner. The game challenges the geography lovers to test the mapping skills. There are three...
  3. mazharshah

    Welcome to Eight Forums [2]

    Thanks Archer
  4. mazharshah

    Welcome to Eight Forums [2]

    Well Thanks, I have joined this forum couple of days ago, Caz i was struggling with windows 8 app store to adding app. But when i have discussed on this forum, so i found the solutions. So good community and administration on Eight :) Thanks Mazhar
  5. mazharshah

    Solved How to add app into microsoft windows 8 store

    Hi Folk, We are planning to add a quality application about world map quiz. Its almost completed letting me know that how to make it live on windows 8 store and its promotion as well. Thanks Mazhar