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    Latest Windows Essentials Version Released

    Has support now finished?
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    DPC Watchdog Violation error *multiple File Names

    While you are waiting for an expert like BlueElvis to check them dumps over, I've had a quick look and they seem to be pointing towards igdkmd64.sys Driver Reference Table - igdkmd64.sys which is your Intel Graphics driver, please see if you can find an updated version...
  3. SGT Oddball

    Error log bugcheck was: 0x0000009f when computer slees

    Hi all your recent dumps are pointing towards dne64x.sys which appears to be some sort of Citrix network component Driver Reference Table - dne64x.sys If you have any Citrix VPN etc software installed then check for updated versions at their site...
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    BSOD every 15 minutes

    Hi all your recent dumps are blaming your intel wifi adapter driver - Driver Reference Table - Netwew00.sys You should see if you can find an updated driver on the Intel site. ******************************************************************************* *...
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    Certificate Reputation for website owners

    Source: MSDN Blogs
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    Introducing the Selection API specification

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    IE test VMs on modern.IE get a refresh