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  1. 403Phaze

    Solved Ownership: SYSTEM - Unable to change to USER

    well.. turns out its not an ownership issue, its a HDD issue
  2. 403Phaze

    Solved Ownership: SYSTEM - Unable to change to USER

    Hey, So technically I am unable to change ownership of ANY file or folder in my computer since all my "User / Local Admin" had been switched to read/write only, tried a bunch of things using command line (elevated), rebooting, recovery all end in "unspecified file location" or along those...
  3. 403Phaze

    Trying to create VPN server for offsite connections

    and yes I tried editing the VPN setting to allow a (PPTP) without handshakes for a smoother connections but still failed
  4. 403Phaze

    Trying to create VPN server for offsite connections

    title might be weird but premise of what I am TRYING to do Computer (Outside "private" network) connect to VPN of MY PC (inside my "private" network) My computer - New Incom connection, create/add vpn "user", allow through connection = "VPN enabled" my router - port forward "xx.xx.xx.xx (IP...
  5. 403Phaze

    Solved Issues removing (ACCESS DENIED) "Windows.old" after a refresh with install media due to "SCF error & DISM.exe" unable to correct

    Hey, Having an issue with removing the window's old file. it contains a "winSxS" that was causing issues with my old attempt at repairing I have tried everything from Disc Cleanup -> RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\windows.old -> I even attempted to Robocopy the file with no lucky, not too sure what...
  6. 403Phaze

    Debating if I should redo HDD into RAID format

    Hey all, So i have been considering doing some upgrading, my system has about 4.5TB of storage split between 3 different HDD (excluding my 250Gb SSD for windows install) Its kind of a mess for organization for the most part but ideally I have managed to store all of the movies/media on "The...
  7. 403Phaze

    Solved Display GPU causing monitor (TV) to reboot itself?

    True enough, I have another TV/Monitor to use anyways! so far since following your advice about factory reset, my issue has happened twice! so i call that a win/solution! Thanks so much for your help!
  8. 403Phaze

    Missing Data Drives randomly (help)

    Hey all, I have been experiencing some issues on and off, which is usually fixed by a quick reboot of windows, but today for example, one of my drives disappeared off my rig completely and I tried the following steps (which usually works) 1. Disk Partition -> Re-scan Disks/ Refresh = Didn't...
  9. 403Phaze

    Solved Display GPU causing monitor (TV) to reboot itself?

    only part of the diagnostic menu that had any input was the 101-WDT (Watchdog timer) which was a 5, other then that they were all 0
  10. 403Phaze

    Solved Display GPU causing monitor (TV) to reboot itself?

    Not generally, I do use it for my PS4 (rarely) I mainly use it for a PC monitor TV - Sony Bravia (7ish years old) - KDL-40SL150 I was on "chat" support with Sony tech support where they gave me some steps to follow through with: Unplug device from power source for 3-5 minutes and plug back...
  11. 403Phaze

    Solved Display GPU causing monitor (TV) to reboot itself?

    Hey all, Last couple days or so I have been experiencing an issue where my monitor (TV) has been turning itself off then back on without my interaction, I contacted the manufacturer and they helped me "restore factory" settings but it hasn't fixed my problem, just curious as to if anyone has...
  12. 403Phaze

    Issue's with windows Key + Aero functions

    Hey guys, so my windows decided to crap out the other day and I had to FRESH INSTALL my desktop OS again long story short I am unable to "Alt + CTRL" so aero peak, unable to WIN Key + Arrows to snap windows around and a couple other things I have tried "reset file explorer" and turning "off...
  13. 403Phaze

    Weird Issue with "No Windows OS found on HDD"

    Hey all! The issue im having is a little weird, every now and then when I reboot my PC for "updates" or to just get it running a little fresher I get this weird error saying there was no OS found on any of my Disk Drives and to press CTRL + ALT + DEL to retry... (or whatever it says when the...
  14. 403Phaze

    How to get rid of Windows 8.1 Rollback option from Boot

    Hey All, Like the Header Says, I'm having an issue that i can't seem to figure out how to get rid of.. After a Reboot, I get an option to Load into my W8.1 or a Useless Option of "Windows 8.1 Rollback" I have looked through my BIOS settings and can't see an option to disable/Remove it, Was...
  15. 403Phaze

    [Q] Windows 7 (VPN server) questions

    Hey all, Quick question... I have a W7 running VPN server that has been set up and works perfect for PPTP incoming connections. the router I am using has been set up to allow PPTP, SSTP, and IKEv2. Although it has been enabled and Allowed on my W7(VPN server) everytime I try to connect via...
  16. 403Phaze

    Hackintosh 10.10 Yosemite VMware with "activation" issues

    So I checked the host file for the windows AND the vmware MAC's and its the regular files in its
  17. 403Phaze

    Hackintosh 10.10 Yosemite VMware with "activation" issues

    VMware Player 6.0 Mac OSX 10.10 Yosemite is installed and works perfectly, other then the fact that it wont let me sign into Facetime OR Messages. I do have an Apple ID, I had an Iphone 4s for 3 years until I switched to Android, I am able to sign into the appstore and everything 1. Imessage...
  18. 403Phaze

    HP envy 15 J084ca Wifi adapter issues

    Apparently I got banned from tenforums, for asking a question about piracy games... anyways... Device manager shows everything is good and not missing ANY drivers, and whenever I do "update drivers" OR "windows update" still the same message where "all drivers are up to date"
  19. 403Phaze

    HP envy 15 J084ca Wifi adapter issues

    Hey all, So I updated from W8.1 -> W10 and everything works fine, but now my WIFI adapter is literally turned to a dead unit, I can connect to my home access point fine, but trying to find things like *wireless hotspot, or hotels* either it does NOT show up, or disconnects after 2 mins...